Salaam Aleikom wa Rahmatullah wa Barakaatuhu,

I am Ahmed from Holland,
I can give u all the cars and trucks that u look for,Insha'Allaah be id nillah.

Please send me a email with what u are looking for at:
You can also add me to your yahoo.
Or call me at 00316-24543232

I hope we can start a good businnes relationship, Insha'Allaah

Salaam Aleikom wa Rahmatullah wa Baraakatuhu

Ahmed Holland.


Fri, 2010/06/25 - 23:33

dear sir
we from india Agra can buy scrab cars or any metails in Bulk for indian furnace for recycleing.
kindly mail me or sms me details ,price should be For India. Quntatiy.

Deepak shivhare
international Big brothers
14- Puspanjali vatika sikandra