Project Eco friendly Futuristic City is a city consist of Futuristic Edutainment City. Futuristic Agrotourism City, Futuristic Residential Area, Hi tech security system. 100 percent futuristic highly integrated public transportation system. With an islamic concept. Complete With R & D Area for Future Technology Development. Area Consist of 2000 - 3 hectre..Need funding or business venture. Interested please contact Afifi +60193659787 email


Eco Metropolis
The objective of this proposal is to get investor or funder for the project Eco Friendly Futuristic City which is to be build in Malaysia. It also apply the concept of garden in the city, city in the garde. The proposed name for this city is Eco Metropolis. This Eco Friendly Futuristic City will be neucleus for all nvestors, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Innovator, Technopreneur

A. Introduction
Very futuristic eco-friendly city that has no pollution, consisting of Edutainment Area, Industrial Area, Recreation and Sports Centre, Agricultural Area, R & D Centre, Tourism Centre and International Airports and Commercial Space Centre. This area will be supported by very futuristic public transportation and underground water system, Hi Tech Security system, internet access plus several facilities such as the new concept of Bank in Malaysia.
B. Construction Sections
1. Edutainment Section.
a. Theme Park

b. Science, arts and culture, historical centre

c. Shopping Complex
- Under water restaurant, Water world city (with Islamic Roman, Indian, Chinese, European and Japanese Architecture),Underground City.

d. Tourist Centre

e. Commercial Space Centre.
- Space Airports for tourism

f. Hotels and Resort.
− Ready Traditional House for Home-Stay program.
− Futuristic Eco friendly resort and Hotels

g. Ecotourism

2. Agricultural Section

a. Agricultural Area / Land

3. Industrial Section

a. Silicon Valley

4. Residential Multimedia city.

5. Main Facilities and Infrastructure

a. R & D Centre – consist of innovation, incubation centre, development centre and research centre.
b. International University of Medical and Science Technology (include Hospitals)
c. Administrative building
d. Bank of Ideas (If possible) collaboration with local and international agencies, business venture or venture capitals such as Mavcap, SMIDEC, MOSTI, MTDC and MyIPO. Other local and international bank such as Maybank, CIMB, Bank Islam are encourage to merge with this bank to form this Bank of Ideas
e. Futuristic Public Transportation – using driveless transportation and skycar concept. ( include public defense system)
f. Underground water system (For Waste and Water supply)
g. Hi tech security and safety.

6. Eco-friendly solid waste incineration plant and sewage treatment plant

C. Planning
To develop the education hub and residential area first followed by the entertainment and leisure facilities then the medical/health. Lastly agriculture and the industries.

1. Education Hub (Phase 1)
International University to be build in collaboration with external sourced private international universities with emphasis on diploma and undergraduate studies. Introduction of a degree course in Innovation Design.
In collaboration (if possible) with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology forming an overseas branch campus with emphasis on postgraduate studies
2. Residential Multimedia (Phase 2)
Apartments and Link Houses – to cater for the population who will be living, working and studying in this city
Semi-D’s and Bungalows – open to international ownership
Living within a garden concept, internet ready, 3 phase wiring, in-build computer portal/ electric oven/ reverse osmosis water filtration/ solar paneling , gated and secure.
This Residential complete with multimedia system for direct live communication home – office, office – home, neighbours to neighbours. Also Complete with high security system. Direct Access to Underground City ( Part of the Public Defence System Programme.
3. Entertainment Facilities (Theme Park) (Phase 3)
Consisting of Space city, Fantasy World, Under Water Restaurant, shopping mall and Hotels, The world of Quran and The Science of Quran, History of Civilization, Nature-world and Culture- world, Malaysia 2056, Trek World, You can fly, World inside your Body , World of Astronomy, Ancient City. Prehistoric Lost World. Fantasy World.and other theme parks.

Science, arts and culture, historical centre

Shopping Complex
- Under water restaurant, Water world city (with Islamic Roman, Indian, Chinese, European and Japanese Architecture),Underground City.
First time ever introduction of separate water-world area for women only to attract middle-east Muslim women; giving them privacy to enjoy almost all the water-world rides without having to bother with `aurat’ problems.
Culture- world
International Muslim Community Cultural Area – residential area based on Muslim country and ethnicity around the world. Muslim professional, businessman, experts, investors and inventors around the world will be invited to be permanent resident.
Tourist Centre

Commercial Space Centre.
- Space Airports for tourism

Hotels and Resort.
− Ready Traditional House for Home-Stay program.
− Futuristic Eco friendly resort and Hotels

Ecotourism Centre
- Consist of Reserve Forest full with flora and fauna.

4. Hospital (Phase 4)
A hospital that caters for specialist services of international standard to attract health tourism (along the same idea as Prince Court Medical Centre) but at the same time there will be an education wing for used by allied health and medical students from the university.
5. Agriculture, Research and Development and the Industries (Phase 5)
Vegetable, Fruits and Herbs using the latest technology. Research and development of new drugs and supplements for treatment of diseases and enhancing health. Silicon valley, computer components manufacturing.

D. Location:
Proposed few land in several states in Malaysia:
Selangor - North of Rawang town near Kuala Kubu Baru/Bukit Beruntung area

E. Budget

Estimated cost: Total RM 11 billion ( US $3.333 billion )
The money will be used for:
- $55 million (USD) for first phase initial stage work (start up).
- $ 1.85 billion (USD) Will be used to develop phase 1 – phase 4.
- $ 757 million (USD) will be used to develop futuristic full integrated public transportation.
- $ 200 million (USD) Will be invested in Research and Development to develop new invention and innovation of technology ( will be given under fund / grant )
- $ 200 million to expand the land ( this land will be sell / rent / JV to any interested party particularly for SMI )
- $ 150 million USD for activity to attract tourist and make this area as part of tourist destination in the world (such as homestay program, cultural activities, tourist spot centre and dramatic events )
- $ 121 million USD will be used to insured all facilities and the development of this program and to be invest in gold. This is to secure this project and the investor’s money.

Contigency plan
- Evacuation plan – need to discuss
1. Sell out plan - Sell properties, share,
bons, gold.

Revenue (In MYR – Malaysian Ringgit or Ringgit Malaysia(RM)) In 30 years MYR 18.88 billion. ( 5.5 bil USD - min )

Please don’t feel hasitate to contact me for further information or for any discussion that you would like to discuss.

Ahmad Afifi Sulaiman
Project Director
Delltone Technology Sdn Bhd /

Thu, 2009/10/01 - 06:35

I am interested in your project and want you to contact me through this email address below for further discussions:

Fri, 2009/12/25 - 08:22

aslamu alaikum,
I had a chance to know abt ur eco friendly city in malaysia and i came to know you looking for a funder to your great project
I hope we have a funders they can possibly agree to invest to your esteemed project insha allah
please,do mail me

Best Regards

Thu, 2010/08/12 - 04:02

i think we should do fund raisers and help as much as we can the people of hat i have lost everything there homes there families food water people are starving and sick and hurt people need to think of ways to help even a little is better than nothing.