I have goat farm in India. I am looking for the peoples who need to import goats from India.
Also opportunity that they can rear goats here and buy back them.
can contact also for goat farming consultancy.
Thanking you


Sun, 2009/10/11 - 07:24

Dear Sir,
I am Mauritanian looking for Business. I am a man you can trust with anything and provide a lot of services and profit in Commerce, Banking, Real estate, shipping, furniture making, Representative, Services, Business and Various Trading. I am 51 years old. I would like that the one interested by dealing Business with me to take care of all expenses regarding starting and implementation of this business.
Tel : + 222 63 050 63 or + 222 23 050 63
Mail :
P.O.Box: 3506 Nouakchott Mauritania West Africa

Fri, 2011/07/01 - 11:22

Dear Sir
Asslam o Alaikum
I am Muhammad Azhar Shahzad from Pakistan. I am interested to make workshop for installation for new Kits in the vehicle and my technical staff repair / maintenance of CNG Vehicles.
However It is requested please give me the information / details if there-one in my favour.

mobile: 00923005552135

Sun, 2011/07/03 - 06:16

Asslam o Alaikum!
Dear Brother
I am Muhammad Azhar Shahzad from Pakistan, I have three CNG Filling Station for Vehicles and four workshops for installation of new Kits / repair and maintenance of CNG Vehicles in different city of Punjab (Pakistan).
As the above context now I want to build / make workshop for installation of new CNG Kits in the vehicles and also provide the services for repair / maintenance of CNG Vehicles.
I am intrusted to start a business for CNG and make workshop in Korea / Indonesia / Malaysia / Uzbekistan / Africa etc for installation new CNG Kits / repair and maintenance of CNG vehicles.
I am awaiting replies.

Muhammad Azhar Shahzad
Address :Dhok Syadan Road
Kamalabad, Rawalpindi (Pakistan)
Tel : +92-51-5680136
Mobile : +92-300-5552135
Email Address :

Tue, 2010/09/21 - 07:28

Dear friends,

Just in a few lines, potentialy the world largest goat farm is looking for serious partner/ investor or buyer. Regional goat milk price is 0,75$.

Please, contact for more details!

Tue, 2010/10/05 - 14:11

Seeking single or multiple investors in this lucrative Business.

We have a 450 acre farm in the Ocala area and are in the process of operating a feedlot operation with Meat Goats and Sheep. We currently have a buyer for 700 to 900 Goats and Sheep in Florida. The buyer is currently buying from Texas and will switch to buying from us due to his weight loss (10-12%) because of the transport.

The Meat Goat Market is booming and Meat Goats are being imported from Australia and New Zealand to meet the growing demand. Current over 750,000 Goats being imported from these 2 countries into the USA..

The feedlot operation which involves buying younger Goats and Sheep between 20 and 40 lbs and feeding them to 40 to 60 Lbs then delivering them to our buyer. We would be the only operation in Florida of it's kind and would have maximum market share.

Wed, 2010/10/06 - 14:05

Your business proposal is to purchase lighter weight goats and sheep, feeding the animals until market weight of 40 to 60 pounds each, at that time, what price do you expect to receieve from your buyer, per pound live weight?


Wyn Dar

Sat, 2010/10/16 - 03:39

dear sir i am intrested in ur prposal,plz contact with me at my yahoo id

LOCATION. (India. U.P. (west).khurja, bulandshahr. 90 km from Delhi airport. 25 km from noida approved airport. 10km from container depot arsiya international.. On khurja to noida road.).I start a project of very hi tech advance business of commercial farming. Goat + fish + herbals, vegetables, flowers, etc. this is complete chain of commercial farming. Goat waste use in fish ponds for fodder of fish, or fish water is used in farming. Fish pond water is very fertile or very good for farming reduces time or cost of chemicals used in farming. Goat given minimum o9 kids in 18 months. Fish grow up with in 07 months 10 grams to 01 kg.minimum. Fish pond water grows plants with in half time or half land instead of general or chemical farming. Example any plants take time 60 days to grow up. If we used fish pond water it takes only 30 days. Production of farming in 02 acre in general or chemical farming. In pond water it gives in 01 acre only. So time or lands both are used very well in fish ponds water farming... This is also a waste management. Water is running from goat drinking water to fish ponds. Fish pond water flow to irrigate farming herbals, vegetables, or fodder of goat. Cycle of production or money both are very fast more then general farming. land I have For this project only to start I want loan, joint venture, finance partner. I make chain of farms. Once I start it. One by one multiply every six months . I given my franchise to other farmers. This project is very advance or makes change for small farmers. Every thing is available for this project in this location. Land ,water is very suitable for this. Demand of these entire thing goat,fish,herbals,and vegetables are very much in all over world. Once I want to present a model of hy tech farming. Thanks for review my letter. Wait for your positive response.
Thanks with regards.
Rana ajai singh. +919759281979, +919759768789.

Fri, 2010/10/22 - 11:37

I have negotiated a price that is calculated on the Texas average for Goats 40 to 60 lb. for the week of the sale which averages at $1.58 per lb. The buyer is comfortable with this because it is close to what he is paying at the moment for poorer quality Goats with no consistent weight.

Sat, 2010/10/16 - 03:35

i am 25 year old from Pakistan,i am looking for my export & import business of fresh fruiet and vegetable,i need investor and buyer from all over the muslim countries,
plz contact with me ta

Am from Pakistan having ample land area for cultivation and farming. Looking for any investor from any country where he can only invest and I will give my all efforts for good business.
If any one interested, pl contact me @

Hello sir .

My name is martins ,I have a proposal to start up a large goat farm in the eastern part of Nigeria ,presently we have over 5 acres of land for this project .we will like support from interested investors who will be willing to scoop profit from the limitless demand for goat meets.

The capital to start is about 130000 dollars and this business will start yielding returns on investment after 2years from inception.please contact Mr via my email