In this forum, is to discuss who can give and gets loan from any party, or individual or bank. Too many to disguise the loan that the borrower may be dangerous. Many Muslims use the name to gain sympathy. Muslims who have been helping wealthy people who have no capital to start a business. Most investors have a good idea to create a project, but the problem of capital.
In addition to this forum to ensure that new scammer known quickly.

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Sun, 2010/12/19 - 16:37

ok please send the the details at


Sat, 2011/01/15 - 00:37

his location was in Malaysia or Philippines.Currently I don't know. But his real name is not Burgoyne. Burgoyne is dead.

Thu, 2010/12/30 - 08:27

That's true. His lawyer informed me by mail that he will give back the fees , I wait from 2010/16/12 until now , but he didn't send as said.I forgotten the fees , he was a scammer... he think that , having from his victims the fees, will be recognized as very important man.. HE IS NOTHING. I leave the fees as gift for the next year...

Thu, 2010/12/30 - 19:03

If you email at we will try to get you some help.

The Attorney is a fraud however we think we found out how to track these guys down.

We will be glad to help you with what we know..

Silver C63

Fri, 2010/12/31 - 02:38

On the internet, anyone can pose as whomever they please.

Someone dying and their lawyer contacts you is a bad sign. All fake probably.

So believe no one about anything.

Verify everything.

Wed, 2010/12/29 - 04:18

Sorry , If you mean Nicholas Paul Burgoyne , this person is dead !!!

Fri, 2011/01/28 - 01:27

The problem is that everyone talks with no evidence. I know for a FACT that this client did receive his funds, but wanted to keep it secret from his he did not have to pay them an introducers fee.

I have sent e-mails to the person who started this thread, but have never received any reply.


Sat, 2011/01/29 - 03:42

If that's the true ,The problem is why you hide. That is FACT !!!

Michael II

Mon, 2011/01/31 - 04:59

The better,You have doing , is to communicate with all your clients and inform them if you can do the funding or not.I cannot understand your practice. Can do it or not? All other messages are not serious.. as so " a client did receive the funds but wanted to keep in secret from his family...!!!!!!!" That is gossip in the internet !! we can not find who says the true.

Wed, 2011/02/09 - 06:40

I waited the answer of Arian, but until now there is no. What means it? Or Michael says the truth or Arian is in MSGT side(maybe Burgoyne itself).Maybe Michael is Burgoyne or other from his side. He thinks that is very smart... Anyway we see the same game!!! We are waiting the end of the story ... I see Burgoyne in the prison.

Fri, 2010/10/22 - 06:21

Do anyboby know about the name Nicholas Burgoyne? He is represended of the trust .

Mon, 2010/11/08 - 07:32

Dear Friend,

Did you also wonder like us...whethere they will loan or not?

Did you also paid any upfront money...close to 15000 USD?

Good we got some friends to share our grievenaces.

I dont think they will keep their promises...seems its a group run the show to collect upfront money from different peoples around the globe at one point of time and disappear for a while....later they may come out with some other different name to collect next money frm diff groups...

If anything at all positively happens...don forget to inform the forum.


Sat, 2010/11/27 - 14:56

this guy is currently in USA. CA. I know very well ... it's the end for him ..

Sun, 2010/11/28 - 12:07

Sorry but this debate in this forum is wrong. You accuse anyone without any evidence or proof.

Sat, 2011/01/15 - 05:57

Nick Burgoyne signed a contract for $. 75 mil. asking $.6.000 for ISIN registration fees.
After I received many emails confirming that all is going well and funds will be released quickly.
Unfortunately nothing was credited and Nick's address was cancelled. The strange question is that I received an email from Mr. Tolentino (that I dont know) informing that he is Nick's lawyer that have received instruction to refund the isin fees..... but nothing happened
Please let me know how if you have more information about Mr. Tolentino or if and where I can contact Nick.

Tue, 2012/10/16 - 19:21

Please contact us so we can exchange information regarding Nicholas Burgoyne.

skype: damarrealestate

Tue, 2012/10/16 - 19:23

Can you please contact us so we can exchange information regarding Nicholas Burgoyne.

Do you know his associate named David Cheever?

skype: damarrealestate

Wed, 2011/01/19 - 10:12

please dont trust him . This is my sincere advice. He is a fraud. I can guarantee.

Sun, 2010/11/28 - 14:55

I received the following:
1. Assalamalekum,
I am HM. Prince Suliman Alrajhi Talal, chairman and founder of the
I want to investigate the possibility and preferential
Conditions/gains of investing some of my available funds
into your company/projects as a foreign company.
I will be interested to invest and partner in a business in line
with my company's mission statement for expansion in
virtually all profitable business with assurance that the
security of my funds will be there with ROI of at
least 10% per annum.
Depending on your business plan, proposals and professionalism I can
invest as much as any required funds for a start.
May Allah bless you.
HM. Prince Suliman Alrajhi Talal

Tue, 2011/02/22 - 07:20

Nicholas Burgoyne - Trustee of the MSGT Trust and his associate Claribel Tolentino from Philippines - I would suggest that you stop dealing with these people - they are crooks fraudsters and scammers we are currently trying to recover AUD$14,750 we paid for Govt Taxation Fees for the issue of a promissory note - this money was to be held in trust until the process of a loan was finalised - well the moment the money was received it was withdrawn, telephones were disconnected and email address vanished we have taken recovery action and the police are involved - BEWARE 'FRAUD'

Tue, 2012/10/16 - 19:19

Please contact us so we can exchange information that will be helpful to each of us in putting Nicholas Burgoyne in prison where he belongs.

skype: damarrealestate

Hi all
this guy try to scam to me, but he can´t.
the history tell me this guy PHILIP CHARLES TWITE is: he have a nephew on wheelchair very rich and ready to make very good business with me......... bla bla bla, you know very weel the end of the history....!!
the scammers are desesperated for easy money and send emails on sunday or saturday....they have a hard work....... they are poor people (poor in brain and may be in money too).-
there are a lot of scammers on the net, some time I play their game by a short time by a week or two, but all of them in a moment, early or later, broken the rule and require any amount of payment.
they are vey predectibles.
is a big problem, because a lot of people have projects, like me and may be you too; and this kind of guys keep with the money of the honest people.
i have two projects and i´m looking for investor and those guys are ready to scam very fast.
thanks for your full information posted here on :

Anyone get a loan? Tell us here.

thanks a lot....
best regards, good luck on your business too.
bye ...
please, if you need more information about this guy, contact me by email to :, be smart, read very good, no problem to answer your questions about this guy.
buenos aires - argentina

Sun, 2010/10/31 - 15:47

PartnershipOppurtunity for you !!
Looking For a investor Who can Invest In my website Minimum 2,330 US$,A great website project like youtube Difference is that this website will contain All Islamic stuff..... Revenue will be Generated through Advertisements and i have also agreement with an online quran education academy who will pay us if we get students for them through our website !!!!!

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Sun, 2010/11/28 - 14:57


I have gone through your request on the sponsorship request you have made.
Having gone through the mail I will like to assist you on this project but before I can proceed I will like to know you.

Please send me the details of the project, then after I have studied your project proposal I will check if I can sponsor the project or not upon approval I will send to you the agreement which you need to sign then I will let you on the process to receive the money and the period of repayment.

However, I will like you to send me the following:
(1) A photocopy of your international passport or Identity Card or Driver's licence for identification
(2) The proposed drawing or sketch of the project(Project Description)
(3) Your telephone number which I can reach you in case I will like to speak with you personally.

Ahmad Ali Al Sayegh

Thu, 2011/06/16 - 03:45


Mr.Ahmad Ali Al Sayegh

Please get in touch with me at

will give you good plan to invest

with regards

Sun, 2010/12/12 - 10:05

To all of you like myself trying to do legitimate business, NEVER NEVER do any deal that requires prepayment NEVER. Even if they promise to pay on your behalf and send you money then ask to send some back. They tried with me because I refused to pay up front money. I did as they asked and the deposited fraud checks. Always on a Friday so it shows in your account on Saturday then they pester you to Western Union their money.
A guy claiming to be Majid Al-Futtaim from the same company name which looks legit but is one big scam by this guy.
I am very familiar with accents and when I got a call from his "Financier" he sounded Nigerian.
Another thing this is my own belief, be very careful if they say don't send the money only pay them at a meeting in London and they will "Prepare the loan"

Thu, 2011/02/03 - 04:53

My company attended here to get attention to the investor to my project in my country, many people writing me personally in my mail box, not here, some of them guaranty giving that the money they invest they will take 10% monthly basis interest will count and I agreed and finally found that they are asking for only $300 for transfer fund fee, I am not a fool and I told him deduct from transferring money for transfer fee and send it to my bank, finally they ask that how much I can provide to them as a transfer fee? I told I would never send a coin to them even I dont need spammer like them. I forgot and everyday some letter via muslim investor I am getting and at last started to delete the message from those kind of spammer.
My question is if we are looking for HALAL investor via this website and besides this HALAL practicing maximum are abusing this media? It seems the website what doing but the spammer abusing the website outlook by disturbing mail everyday, then what is the use of this website? Why the owner are not sucking up the scammer?

Thu, 2011/02/10 - 14:07

Does anyone here got any geneuine loan?

I wish to inform you that Nicholas Burgoyne Trustee for the MSGT trust from Ireland, Singapore and Hong Kong and his Associate in crime Claribel A.Tolentino surposedely an Attorney at Law in the Philippines are fraudsters and Scam merchants - we, an associate and a Business Finance Broker have been conned - we have had contracts for a large loan which did include a 20% equity in the business by the funder/lender but explained that it was necessary to pay for ISND Processing and Stamp Duty Tac associates with an issue of a Promissory Note this resulted in an Invoice for AUD$14,750 - the amount to kept in a trust Bank Account until we the borrowers issued a release letter post side of funding - well within 1 day of them receiving the funds for this fee - Telephone Lines were disconnected, email address dissapeared, and the funds were withdrawn - I am in the process of recovery, we arranged for our bank to cancel the transfer application and requested a return of our funds but this is now in the hands of the police and we are waiting for action.
these people are embasselars and crooks do not deal with them - they are sophisticated with their stationary and approach.
Signed Alec

Wed, 2011/02/23 - 11:57

We are victims of the same trust too; could you advise when have you signed the loan agreement? We have signed it on October 2010 ...Have you contact face to face this guy? I don't think that Burgoyne and this scammer is the same person.Maybe he uses the name of Burgoyne..

Tue, 2011/04/12 - 23:26

hello alentejano77
nice of you to offer help i was sent a email also now i may be able to help all here i am in the philippines now it has been said that the lawyer is here now i can offer help finding that person i am going to play along with there little scam from the email i was sent and try and get a meeting here in philippines so i ask all here to send me the proofs you have and i will pass onto the police here and send police to the meeting place i set up

Fri, 2011/04/15 - 16:56

These guys have been at this for over a year and a half - they tried to get my company in December of 2009 - same process, same bunch of old documents but nothing that could actually prove they were legitimate. They got caught by myself and 4 other clients when Paul Perks accidently emailed all of us at once - and we all compared notes - they were claiming they had funded some of us and using falsified documents etc. The scam was the same - we needed to pay stamp fees etc. I asked them if they were so liquid to just send the stamp fees along first and I would send them back (because they had to come from me), but of course that wouldn't work.

Once they were confronted, all communication ceased and it appears they laid low until last summer.

Stay away from this guy Nick Burgoyne and/or Paul Perks - if they provide passports they are fraudulent (I had a contact check with the British Consulate and Scotland Yard).

Total scammers.

Fri, 2011/05/27 - 09:46

I am dealing with someone who says they can fund projects with this same type of ISIN program, anyone heard of briarwood group or conrad burgess? he has the same lawyer you speak of and his london address is a mail forwarding address only. Any insite would help

Tue, 2012/10/16 - 19:16

Can you please contact me so we can compare Nicholas Burgoyne passports.

skype: damarrealestate

Fri, 2011/05/27 - 09:52

I have been communicating with conrad burgess of briarwood group finance who uses the program of ISIN to get loans funded, what concerns me is he wants me to send funds to the phillipines with the same lawyer that has been accused of wrong doing on this site, anyone know of this person or company? their address in london is only a mail forwarding company. Any insite would help

Nicholas and Paul are still in operation and use various names. I read this post and those 2 names recently came up together in email. I have been in communication for over a month. I had been speaking to an individual claiming to be in the US Air Force living in Qatar. They contacted me from a mortgage website about investing in any project, stating that after reviewing my profile he felt i could turn anything to profit. We spoke several times before he asked to see business plans, which at the time were incomplete. He insisted upon seeing them before a decision to determine feasibility. I sent. and have called from Quebec number and UK number which google shows to be scam numbers

514 487 2000


Sun, 2012/09/09 - 21:46

Garry Hibbet
Chief Executive
Far East Currency and Capital

Michael Edwards
Euroasia Ltd

Janos Petalos
Providence Trust

Bank name - Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Address - Manning street Taree
Account name - Harcourt Kent Management Services
EscrowAcc – BSB 062 603 ACC-10377234
Swift code - CTBAAU2S

26 Jalan Tun Mustapha
Victoria, Labuan
Your assistance will be appreciated.

Mon, 2012/10/08 - 00:42

Yes, I have come across these guys too.

I responded to Janos Petalos' offer for assigned SBLC.

CONTRACTUAL PARTY for me also is:
26 Jalan Tun Mustapha
Victoria, Labuan

I sent my funds in June 2012 also to the mentioned escrow:
Bank name - Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Address - Manning street Taree
Account name - Harcourt Kent Management Services
EscrowAcc – BSB 062 603 ACC-10377234
Swift code - CTBAAU2S

Since June, it has been one excuse after another. Since August, Janos Petalos has stopped responding to my emails. Can somebody please help?

Tue, 2012/10/30 - 00:16

Your posting of peoples bank accounts is a breach of the law.
It has already been reported and they are seeking some intervention.

I know he has been ill and I have done SBLC with him before, so I suggest that you not post this sort of damaging stuff, because if he reads it, you will certainly get an invoice for his time and costs and lose your money.

that is the way of this market.

If you have any questions you can contact me.


Fri, 2012/12/14 - 07:39

At this present time having loan is not so easy task at this time. There should be a lots a legal activity which we will have to do while passing a loan. Actually, at this time we can't do any big thing without having some loan. So there are so many companies who provides loans on small interest. Its good to read your stuff and thanks for sharing this with us it will really beneficial for those who have looking for loan at small interest.

Accounting for Contractors

Wed, 2013/01/09 - 13:17

Garry Hibbet
Chief Executive
Far East Currency and Capital

Michael Edwards
Euroasia Ltd

Janos Petalos
Providence Trust

They defrauded us with $110,000

Wed, 2013/01/30 - 11:57

1. The first man you are looking for is a pastor and was recently sued for fraud and larceny
2. The second man hides behind numerous companies he is a partner in
3. The third man is actually a name used by a group of brokers who go around acting as brokers and mandates for individuals and companies who do a lot of trade work etc.

I know because I personally experienced identity theft and fraud from them. I am actually waiting for a new passport because they had gone around using my name and details( Which I don't know where they got) to defraud some people and were caught very quickly as my security team traced the emails they used to the ip addresses they used and then to the location of the perpertrators.

Please remember to involve an attorney an/or police when going after these criminals because if you don't the evidence you collect will be inadmissable in any court.

Sorry for your loss. I hope you recover