Selam Aleykum,

Dear Friends and coleauge entrepeneurs,

A few day`s ago I came along this site while browsing the internet. After looking around in various topics, I got enthousiastic for the reason that there was a internet site for religious people ( Muslims and who follow the path of Allah ) , where the possibility was created to cooperate and achieve things together in a honest way. So the next step was to register, at this site with a good and honest intention. The first two emails that I recieved, where far from honesty. People with other points of vieuw ( DAYTHINKERS AND NONEBELIEVERS ) are trying to pull of money from people with good intentions, and that on a site like this. I must say that I`m shocked, the brutality!!. People who are trying to scam .. don`t you know that ALLAH ALMIGHTY is watching your deeds, and that everything you get HARAM, you must pay back a 100 times in this lifetime. Why do you only think about tommorow, and about yourself. Do you really think, that the problems you have are the worst in the world?. I hope that the almighty can truly forgive you, because it will be a heavy penalty for you. If you will find one minute to overthink your morality right now!!, you will see that this is wrong, and you are blocking those other people who are honest. The investor has no idea who`s honest and who`s not, because youre kind of human kind!!. Ask forgiveness and pray, be a hardworking and honest humanbeing, and achieve HALAL earnings, you will be much more satisfied.
When there is a appletree with apples for all, why are you trying to take someone elses share?, are you in hunger for more, is your stomach bigger than someone elses. ALLAH gave you a brain and a book ( THE HOLY QURAN ), read , then think. You will see that it`s wrong, and it hurts people. This is why people lose faith in each other, be the everlasting hunger for more, of the unfortunate.

I Hope that I didn`t bore those who are right of means, and that you appriciated my statement.

May ALLAH bless you all, even the unfortunate for maybe they will turn to the only and right path.

Selam Aleykum,

Bulent Yazici


Mon, 2011/01/17 - 01:23

I totally agree and accept what you are saying. The internet is full of scammers. We too get scamming letters daily, mainly from Africa. In any case, we are legitimate and we have the right connections for your project in Turkey. However we are still awaiting more information. As I said before, our source is in fact based in Turkey!!. send info to This is our third and final request.