As Salamu Alaikum

Please be careful when contacted by individuals and groups that sound suspicious.

A recent case is from a person or group called Euro Capital Group, which claims to be interested in investing in your project/idea. Their email address is, and they used to have an account on this site, by the name eurocapital (now blocked).

They have been going around all over the internet, as you can read here, here, and here.

Here is an example of an email sent to one of our members.

Do not proceed with them or with any group that requires advanced fees, or travelling to a different country.


Please note carefully we can only meet with you anytime from the 26th of May 2007 to the 3rd of June 2007.Once you have checked into your hotel ,please call us on 678-3537231 or 678-353-7234 and arrangements will be made to meet with you.

Bring with you 10 hard copies of your business plans and executive summaries and all other materials and information that you want to give to us and to present to us.You will have ample time for everything as we do not rush you and give you enough time for everything,you should be here for two days and one night so we can complete everything.

You may stay as longer if you wish to.Your lap top presentation will be fine bring disks and cds to give to us will also be in order.We are not sure which of our offices we will meet in as we have four in Atlanta this will be determined when you arrive and have checked into your hotel.You may speak to Al or Allan when you arrive.

Thank you ,
Best Wishes.

Nancy Gale
USA 678-353-7231.
USA 678-353-7234.


Sun, 2007/05/06 - 10:14

Another email received by a member from those scammers

Yes ,the analysts have received and reviewed your information and now need you to come and meet with us ,so we can work out an offer for funding,venture capital investment into your project and company.

Please let us know soonest when you can be here ,we offer you the opportunity to meet with us any time from the 26 th of May 2007 to the 3rd of June 2007.

Thank you and we look forward to be working with you on a long term mutually beneficial business relationship.

Thank you,
Best Wishes,
Nancy Gayle

-- Site Admin

Mon, 2007/10/29 - 14:41

ATTN! Same company EuroCapitalGroup!
Created on: 28-Oct-07
Expires on: 28-Oct-09
Last Updated on: 28-Oct-07
Administrative Contact:
Tobin, Anthony
BlackStone Capital
4279 Roswell Road
Suite 102-24
Atlanta, Georgia 30342
United States

Thu, 2007/12/13 - 00:08

Yes thiis guy is not happy with us,as The Company turned him down as he Tryed to scam and con us out of Millions of Dollars from our ompany.Other Investors please be very careful for this guy and infact a lot of other con scam artists on this site.
Be aware of these cons on this site.

Wed, 2011/04/20 - 13:03

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