I am looking for somebody who can borrow me 2000$ that will help me start my career and doing this in a Halal way. Please email me at or call me at 403-277-3465 thank you.



Tue, 2008/06/03 - 10:51

Im seeking also for the help of our brothers Muslim. I worked in a mining company for 10 years but 2 months ago i was fired without early notice. The reason is politically. My location is Malaysia. I got two wives and 9 childred age between 16-3 months. My place is in i place of fishing places. I still can earn for little bit but not enough for the future of my children. It made of inspire to start a Fishing boat business. Alot of fishermen here dont have work because no boat available and no fund to go fishing. Now. I want to ask help to my fellow Muslim who can read this post. Please invest to me so that i can start my fishing boat business. Or help me look investor to invest to me. I can offer a 30% share in monthly nett profit. I will send you a monthly report/ business statement before 14 of the month audited by a accountant. My email