For all interested parties:
Seeking initial investment of 3-5 million USD for hospital project in eastern India.
Please visit links below for my credentials:


Fri, 2010/03/12 - 10:28

Assalam aleykum wr wb Brother
We are bringing many big investors from Gulf states to London to be introduced with projects for investing. If you think you can afford attending it and present your project to all investors and close deal by end of the day, please leave me your contact detail or reach me so we can discuss in details about your participation

Akmal Sultanov
Project Manager
UCI International
Tel: +44 208 998 8890
Fax:+44 208 998 8891

Tue, 2010/04/06 - 07:30

For investors in INDIA..Contact me on (12.30am mid night) u can call me on +91 9819809965.
Raheel Siddiqui.

Sat, 2010/06/26 - 21:51

Dear how many investors do u have do yu have any one who can invest 15 cr in pharma company.

Deepak shivhare
Agra India

Healthcare Project:
1. business plan available for hospital or standalone diagnostic centre.
2. Land already available for clinic and diagnostic centre, in prime location, beside major nursing home in a busy market area.

Tue, 2010/06/08 - 02:25

I am a hospital consultant working in Mumbai. We are a team of young, dynamic and dedicated professionals in health care industry like Healthcare Architects, Hospital Mangers, Biomedical Engineers. We would like to work with you there if you give some opportunity. Our companies objective is to give best healtcare atmosphere.

Devendra Kadam

Tue, 2010/06/08 - 19:27

please feel free to email or call me. Site forbids open email. You need to register to get access to my personal email/phone

Fri, 2011/03/11 - 10:08

Good Day
Dear Sir/Madam

Let me Introduce my company first.We are a project company MK Invest

Co from Tashkent city,Uzbekistan.We project on many fields of Industry

and business throughout Uzbekistan.This time we came to Medical center

(Hospital)project to be build in state-Tashkent.We have a ground of

6000 sq.m where we are projecting to set up first modern multifield

medical clinic in Uzbekistan.We have a place to build a hospital

building ,new MRI medical equipment (Neusoft superstar 035)and good

team of skilled doctors etc.First stage of Our project is setting up

first modern multifield clinic in Tashkent and next stage is building

this type of clinics throughout 12 regions of Uzbekistan one after

another.As we estimated this is a good and profitable project because

this type of clinics never built in our country yet so we will be

first and leaders.We have been working on this project for about 2

years and now it is high time to make it come into reality. For this

project we need promotional and financial support or sponsorship from

foreign Investors and Funds.If you will consider this project to be

helpful in building Hospitals for treating people and good investment

do please contact us, we are happy to cooperate with you.

Best Regards,

Mr Otabek Imamov
Investment Projects Manager
MK Invest Co
+(998 90) 328-38-88

Sat, 2011/12/17 - 01:33

I am looking for interested individuals,firms,enterprises or Co. for investing in building a multiplex hospital in North East part of India; Nagaland to be in particular. This will be one of its kind in my state. So interested personnels kindly mail me ur views on this.
Thank You .