In this section, you can add any fraudulent investment scams that you have encountered, either on a web site, via email or told to you by a friend.

Investment and Business in Serbia and Montenegro

Dear Sirs,
We are serbian business consulting agency whoes may be help to foreign Companies launched his own business in the Balkans countries. In case of need for looking business partners, registrated the Company, to find all relevants institutions, marketing agencies, working spaces, logistic and law support, staff, we can help You!

abdullah rahman, dr and john lar johnson, +447045721270

Hello, mr abdullah rahman, " investor" wrote me three weeks he is interested in my realy project, than sent two phone numbers that do not exist!, than wrote he is qatar politican and cant afford to send his real one. After three weeks he called with terrible english, of course form private number that could not been saved!. and today i recieved contract form from his so called attorney, called john lar johnson. this guy doesn exist and his attorney office also not. his phone number +447045721270 is scam.
So they think we are so stupid????


"Do you need Private Loan For Your Business?"

I found this post on the site, and then found this information on the web.
As you can see, the only thing that changes is the name.
I'm not saiyng that it is a scam, but it has at least 90% of beeing one.

Scam Email "Equity Investment Program" from "Dr. Omar Bin Sulaiman" on Mar 11, 2009

Anyone get a loan, tell us here.

In this forum, is to discuss who can give and gets loan from any party, or individual or bank. Too many to disguise the loan that the borrower may be dangerous. Many Muslims use the name to gain sympathy. Muslims who have been helping wealthy people who have no capital to start a business. Most investors have a good idea to create a project, but the problem of capital.

finding local partner (agent) for our EECP medical device

Dear Sir or Madam,
We are a professional supplier and manufacturer of EECP medical device in China. We have our own technology and factory. Our product is highly thought in the international market with high quality, competitive price, long duration, cheap consumables and customer first service.

beware of scams

Hello Dear,

I am miss mariam kenzon, am 20 years old from Cote d'Ivoire,daughter
of Mrs Theresa kenzon. I have 4.5 million USD which was deposited in
the bank, by my mother before she died in October 2006 which was left
in a suspense account in a bank here in my country.

I seek your permission to remit this amount into your bank account so