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FAQ: I have a good business plan and need partners/capital

Q: I have a really good business plan, and need partners/capital. Can you help?A: Again, we do not provide any financial assistance, direct or indirect investment, or business loans. We regret that all such requests will go unanswered. However, if you have a business plan, we can publish your request for others who visit the web site, and are willing to invest in your business. Please follow the Venture Capital Instructions carefully, and interested investors would contact you directly.


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Q: I need loan/charity money for my studies/business/poor parents/...etc. Can you help?A: Please do not e-mail us such requests. We are an information only web site. We cannot, and do not provide any financial assistance, scholarship grants, business loans, charity donations, business investment, venture capital of any kind. We are not licensed to do so, nor have the means to do so. We regret that all such requests will go unanswered.


Looking for Investor to Set Up Business in Bosnia and Herzegovina

I am from Sarajevo-Bosnia and Herzegovina. I do not have to tell how difficult is to be Muslim in the middle of Europe . This time I will not mention the war because I am sure you all know what happened here from 1992 to 1995. We will never forget our killed parents, brothers and sisters but Dear Allah gave us faith and strength to continue and live in accordance with Islam and our religion. Unfortunately there is no economic progress in Bosnia after the war. Many people have no job, western banks are lending money but people are paying huge interest rates for that.

Seeking Investment Capital for Clay Brick Factory In Sudan

We are seeking after interested Venture Capitalist to invest in clay brick factory business in one of Arab Countries. The factory plant will produce different types of clay Brick & Block with output capacity more than 150.thousand Ton Soil & 60million bricks yearly Full Fired. All production operation requirements are available at cheapest prices. The market demand over 400million brick yearly up to [2003] & increases expect reach 30% due to economy growth. No domestic competitor’s can be considering as effective.

Pakistan Offshore Call Center needs investors

We are looking for Investment in our Pakistan based call center we want to open offices in USA & Canada.Also We operate a call center here in Pakistan and we have a team of dedicated & highly trained staff with good English accent, who work round the clock to provide best quality of service. We utilize high speed internet connection and I.P telephony technology which enables us to make & receive calls, with crystal clear voice quality.Feel free to let me know if we can do anything to serve your company with our call center services.

Contributed Article: Introduction to Venture Capital

Introduction to Venture CapitalI am sure that many visitors to this site have projects that require extra funds and additional investments and are interested in understanding how you could acquire the funds required. Obviously, if you have existing monies use this money or if you have enough collateral, call up your banker and have him forward the cash that you require by pledging in the collateral as guarantee.

Dental Distributor Seeking Investor

I am 8 years experiended sales representative in Dentistry. I am working for world top 5 dental manufacture. This US base manufacuture is looking for new distributor in Thailand and have approached me to open the new company and selling their products. The manufacture have good reputation more than 20 years in Thai market and more than 80 years in the world dentistry. I need $100 000 to set up the company. The investor those who interested will get 10% return on their investment per year and 40% share in the company. The investor will also get profit sharing at the end of the year. All agreement will set up legally under Thai's law.

Live Sea Horse Farming Project

We are looking investors from any part of the world to start a live sea horse farming project in Sri Lanka. Due to the high demand in Sea Horses worldwide the profit potential in this project is extremely high. We are already operating a farm and presently exporting sea horses to China and other South Eastern Countries. In order to develop and increase our export volume we seek an investor for a Joint Venture or 100% Investor.

Halal Fine-dining Restaurant for London

A Muslim academic with several years of hospitality and marketing experience seeks venture funds or investors to establish a halal fine-dining restautant in London. The city has about a million Muslim population, including visitors and tourists, but there are no facilities for fine-dining except the Pakistani/Indian curry houses or Turkish kebab shops.Site Admin note: Please include your contact phone, email or web site in this article so interested parties may contact you directly.

Fine Ceramic Tableware needs investors in Malaysia

We are looking for 100 business partners with capital RM5,000.00 to become as our company shareholder.

We are dealing with fine ceramic tableware products suitable for hotel and restaurants.

Parts from that we are in progress to set up a franchise style Cafe with a Dinnerware Showroom world wide.

In order to execute our programs we are looking our honest partner to invest in our company with capital RM5,000.00 per person, and the shareholer will get the returns 15% income from investment yearly, InsyaAllah.

Takaful Islamic Insurance: Free Coverage for Asset-Card holders

We are Malaysian Takaful Agency.

With the help of ALLAH s.w.t. we had successfully designed a new system that enable all Assets-Card muslim members to own a takaful policy that worth RM50,000 without paying any fee or premium.

We are now seeking for Venture Capital to launch it in Malaysia and subsequently to our Business Partners countries.

The Return On Investment (ROI) is more than 10 times within a period of 5 years operations.

Boatyard on Batam, Indonesia

This proposal offers an investment opportunity in founding a boatyard on Pulau Batam, Republic of Indonesia, and to create a company which builds pleasure and commercial vessels to highest world standards for export to a proven international market, with two serial productions of sailing catamarans already confirmed.

Venture Capital for Sugar Refinery

We are looking for interested Venture Capitalist to invest in Sugar Refinery business. The refinery plant is to produce refined sugar to ready market worth over USD50 Million a year and growing.

Import sugar in 2003 is more than 146 Metric Ton which is 100% increase compare to year 2002. The same increase is expected this year due to economy growth.There is no domestic competitors and government can stop imported sugar if there is domestic production and sufficient.


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