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Need funding for our Green Project

I would like to suggest Green Project to be incorporated in Malaysia but lack of fund to start the project.My project offer a wide range of cutting edge technology and top level quality products and services . The invention of packaging products made of foaming plastic material has brought a lot of conveniences to human being.

Real Estate Business in Dubai & UAE


I am an Indian Business Man based in Dubai and India Both and busy in Real Estate business in Dubai...anb our name was in top 10 indian businessmen in 1999....

Its very growing business and rally good profits ! we normally doing this business by our own small financial recources and time to time ask investirs to invest in the projects and never involved bank money due to Interest ,

Looking for venture to start up new E-Commerce business in Florida


Alahamdulillah I have designed an e-commerce (Totally Islamic) system that currently has "No Rival" and I'm looking for Totally Islamic funding to try and get it launched, Inshallah. The website is fully operational however is not patented and I require help in this direction as well. (Server it was hosted on has been moved from Maryland to Florida and is in the process of being brought online, inshallah within the next 2 to 4 weeks)

We need venture capital to build up a resort in Phuket Thailand

We want build up a resort with 35 Bungalows at the dream island Phuket in Thailand.15 of the bungalow we want sale, so we get back the most money which we invest in this projekt. For 7 Bungalows we made frontup contract for sale.The resort will promoted with the travel company Thomas Cook and LTUR.For this Project we need 800000.-USD. We will give you for your Investment 45% of the Resort. Phuket will be soon a duty free zone, so must build up quick the resort. High income will be guaranteed.I’m from Germany and live now 7 years in Thailand.For further Information please contact us!!!

Bio - Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo

Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo, currently lives in the U.S.A, and has been in the Islamic Banking and Finance scene for a long time.Presently he is Chief Shariah Officer and Board Member at Shariah Capital. Shaykh Yusuf is a well-known and respected Shariah advisor and Islamic scholar whose career spans more than 30 years.


The Sheikh of Wall Street - Jewish Weekly November 5, 1999

This article appeared in the Jewish Week issue of November 5, 1999. It is reproduced with permissionfrom the author, as well as the publisher, Ron Goldblum.The Sheik of Wall StreetBy Nancy BeilesYusuf DeLorenzo advises Dow Jones on stocks that are `Kosher' for Muslim investors. A (Jewish) Orthodox index may follow.Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo oozes Wall Street. Nattily dressed in a dark blue suit, crisp white shirt, and silver tie, he carries a blue binder thick enough to

Resources - U.S.A. Legal System and Islamic Investment

One U.S. based law firm, King and Spalding has some experience in setting Islamic Investment Funds to comply with the U.S. law. The details can be found their Investment Fund practice. This may be of importance to companies or institutional investors setting up a subsidiary (or a complete operation) in the U.S.


List of older events

List of older events.12 - 13 March 2002 - Second International Islamic Banking and Finance Conference on Securitisation and Capital Markets : Challenges and Opportunities for Islamic Financial Institutions.Phoenicia InterContinental Hotel, Beirut, LebanonTel:+973-244496Fax:+973-250194Web: www.aaoifi.com


Not all stocks available confirm to Islamic principles. Therefore, a Muslim investor is faced with the dilemma of selecting stocks fromthe thousands of available companies.

Regular research available on the web does not address this aspect, at least up till now.

We are currently planning to have a section on this web site to help Muslims decide whether they should invest in a certain stock or not, and other Muslims would also contribute their findings, so everyone would benefit from the combined research of the whole community.


Resources - Islamic Financial Institutions

Here is a long list of web sites that would help you with information, products and services in Islamic Banking, Finance, Investment, and Insurance.


Resources - Currency Conversion and Miscellaeous

Currency Conversion and Exchange Rates

  • Currency Converter Can do normal conversions, as well as backdated conversion (Exchange Rates at a previous date, all they way back to 1 January 1990!). It also has lots of options for currency caluclations.
  • Universal Currency Converter Another straight forward currency converter.

Other / Miscellaneous


Resources - General Islamic Reference Material

The following list contains sites that provide reference materialon Islam.

  • Islam-Online.Net General information site on Islam, in several languages.
  • IslamWeb Sponsored by the Government of Qatar. Offers a lot of information on Islam, including the Quran and Hadith, as well as an extensive library (although hard to navigate a book there). The Hadith is in Arabic and English (sub set only). The Arabic Hadith includes the "Six books" and other Sunnah compendiums, and is in searchable format.
  • Al-Islam.com


Regulating Profits

The following question and answer by Sheikh Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo attendees of the Dow Jones University Courses on Islamic Investement.Question:: Is there any restriction in the extent of profits we can take from our customers in halal business transactions in order not to violate Islamic law? I heard it must be less than 30%, is it true? what is the reason?Answer: Generally speaking, profits may be taken to the extent that the market will allow.


Quick Liquidation of a Position

The following question and answer by Sheikh Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo attendees of the Dow Jones University Courses on Islamic Investement.Question:: One of my friend bought 500 stocks for Vrio company for 35 dollars each stock share and the next day some Japanese company bought this Vrio company and the stock price shot up to 65 dollars and he decided to sell it. Is this allowed or not allowed according to Sharia'h?


Dividing Profits from Mudarabah

The following question and answer by Sheikh Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo attendees of the Dow Jones University Courses on Islamic Investement.Question:: Is there any right for a mudarib to share the incremental value ofthe rabbul maal's assets at the time of liquidation? Wassalam, Salim M BasalamahAnswer: The division of profits in a mudarabah is proportional rather than fixed.



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