Not all stocks available confirm to Islamic principles. Therefore, a Muslim investor is faced with the dilemma of selecting stocks fromthe thousands of available companies.

Regular research available on the web does not address this aspect, at least up till now.

We are currently planning to have a section on this web site to help Muslims decide whether they should invest in a certain stock or not, and other Muslims would also contribute their findings, so everyone would benefit from the combined research of the whole community.

This will be organized by the stock symbol (ticker), and should include the following:

  • Rate a stock from the Islamic point of view.
  • Add comments on stocks that you have researched.
  • Read what others have to say about this stock and other stocks.

As time passes by and users rate more and more stocks, people would benefit from others' experiences, and perhaps certain companies wouldbe willing to change their business activities and financial practices in order to attract more Muslim investors, benefiting both sides, the individual Muslim investor and the company.

If you have ideas on what you like to see in this section, please add your comment below, and we will take it into consideration.



This is a very good

This is a very good idea...it would also be good if the stock can be validated by more scholars so that the investor can be satisfied. I really appreciate your efforts in this matter. May Allah bless you all with his mercy and shower his blessings upon you.

stock market & name of halal companiers

plese send to me halal companiers which are investing money in islamicaly

plese send list of companiers

Looking for Islamically correct stock

Assalamu Allaykum,

I am very much interest in getting a list of company names that qualify as Islamically valid. I had been researching this list every where but could not get any reliable information. If someone has this info. please share it. Jazak Allah kher.

salaams brother

The the Oasis group, they are based in ireland and south africa and some shariah compliant investment funds. You can also try the Albaraka Bank group, then there is the fraters group in South Africa and Old Mutual also have shariah compliant investment funds.

I hope this helps. you can email me on slategan@fnb.co.za during the new week and should have a list of other shariah compliant investment companies to send you insha-allah

Wa alaikum salaam