Q: I have listed my project/business in the Venture Capital section, and so far, scammers have been contacting me.

A: This is a fact of life on the internet. The anonymity provided by the internet emboldens criminals, specially when they attempt their crime from overseas.

Beware of  The Advanced Fee Fraud that takes many forms.

Our web have recently implemented measure to discourage this sort of behavior. We have a private message feature where those who want to contact you must register on the site, and their personal details will be recorded.

If you think that you are contacted by scammers, then contact us providing your user name, and the content of the message that you think is scam.

Any person who is thought to send scams offers to others will have their account terminated

In all cases, you have to do your own homework and do the screening yourself on whether the offers you receive are genuine or fraudulent.

You can either ignore the scammers, or report them to your local authorities, depending on your specific case.