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GROUP with over 15 years of experience in assisting our clients accomplish the best option to fund their projects. We have resources we work with and each have their specialities. The Group focus in real estate, motion picture, manufacturing, technology, energy, service, distribution, among many others.

Real Estate Development Group: Projects are analyzed and selected based on the sufficiency and strength of the guarantees available from the various participants in the transaction and the viability of the project from the perspective of existing revenue, or alternatively, the potential for future capital gain and revenue through development.

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Tue, 2010/05/11 - 03:01

Dear LRA1974,
My name is Sehat Siahaan from Indonesia.
I am currently looking an investor who would like to finace the following project (start up project):
1. Digital Printing Project (Media Group), require financing $ 1 Million).
2. Construction of Two Units of Fuel Filling Station ($ 1 Million).

This project represents an excellent investment in both the short and long term who can provide excellent benefits, as well as return of capital relatively quickly. BEP (target 3 years turnover). We will offer the 4.5% of annual interest or profit sharing or please provide me your offer for the kind of loan (standard). 5 to 10 years contract please. (Preferred your negotiable).

I really hope to get a positive response from you for futher discussion.
And please contact me at email sehat.siahaan@gmail.com

Jazaakallah Khoir.

Muslim Brother from Indonesia.
Sehat Siahaan

Wed, 2010/05/12 - 13:47

Very profitable business project related to Carbon emissions reduction and energy savings technology. Looking for investor to establish a conversion centre to convert any type of vehicle to run with PURE AIR, your car will be running with compressed air only. Zero fuel and zero emission brand new technology solution. The business also offers new approach with new technology in energy savings for up to 80% saving in all sectors. The investment required would be from $1.5 to $5 millions depending on the number of centre to be implemented in one country. Return on investment less than two Years. The business plan is available upon request. Please contact Mr.A. Jemai via e-mail at: ajemai@yahoo.ca or call
1. 647 428 3099 Eastern Time

Sat, 2010/05/22 - 02:38

My name ariy from Indonesia, and madani the name of my company. I now have and operates 6 stores with new concepts for the retail business in Indonesia, and our target to open 20 stores in 2010. average turnover of $ 440/day/store and a total of $ 13.000/month/store. in 2011 we needed funds for development of 200 stores,required capital investment for the store is $ 55,000/store and I already have a business plan for the year 2011.
if you want to know more about my company, and also the retail business opportunities in Indonesia please contact me at email mail2atp@yahoo.co.id

Best regard

Tue, 2010/07/13 - 23:10

we from malaysia and interested with your retail project in indonesia.


We are a tech R&D company of China,(Chengdu Everbright Airtech Co.,Ltd http://www.aircg.cn).Company is located in chengdu,P.R.China.Once built in June 1997.
The company is mainly engaged in the product R&D, design, by gravity detection technology as a representative of the Aviation Ground Equipment---Aircraft Center of Gravity Measurement System in China Air force and Army aviation successful application.Plan in the electronic weighing technology to develop the field of civil electronic weighing products and Aviation Ground Equipment.
Investment & cooperation projects
1-Aviation Ground Equipment
⑴ Aircraft Maintenance Lifts
⑵ Aircraft Wheel Block
2-Industrial and Civil Weighing Equipment
⑴ Large-Tonnage Electronic Truck Scale
⑵ Electronic ore Scal
The Market Demand Analysis
⑴Domestic Market Demand: Market research analysis of the project by the annual demand for 30,000 units, the market supply of 21,000 units, there are 10,000 vacancies in broad prospects in short supply.
⑵International Market Demand:According to investigation,the Russian far east no similar enterprise in sales to Russia in the far east large scales in use, lack of professional maintenance personnel. The Russian far east has the potential market instruments.
The Total Investment and Funding Sources
1-Total investment: $2,000,000.00 USD(Own funds Financing);
2-Domestic bank loans:$100,000.00 USD,Converted into RMB about ¥628,000;
3-Foreign funds: $1,800,000.00 USD,Converted into RMB about
¥11,304,000.00 RMB;
investment benefit
1-Profitability:about 46.5%;
2-Investment Recovery:3~4 years(The longest do not exceed 5 years).
Please contact Mr ben Liu,E-Mail:aw_cgs@163.com or aircg@126.com

My name is Mr Liu B.I live in Chengdu China.Here, broad market, huge consumer groups.I hope to find foreign folk capital partners together with me in here(Chengdu Sichuan) investment venture.I have a private technology company, the main business is to develop aviation ground equipment, due to the lack of necessary funds, has not been effectively development. I hope and partners to start business, expand product market share.You can choose cooperation mode, you can choose one of the following two ways.
1-Your funds in my existing company, you get a certain proportion of equity, and become a shareholder of the company's shares. If you registered capital of 60%, you get as the President of the company.
2-According to the number of your funds and business scope, also can build a new partnership company together. New group of shareholders, according to your capital registered capital, the proportion of capital more copies if the proportion of 60%, you still have qualified as a new company President, general manager can be employed by the chairman (you).
3-The new partnership business scope may focus on the following fields:
(1)Large and Medium-sized Commercial Retail (Super-Market),Probably needs $800,000.00 to $1,200,000;
(2)Food Manufacturing,Probably needs $1,200,000 to $1,800,000;
(3)Industrialized Production Base of Green Vegetables,Probably needs $500,000.00 to $800,000.00;
(4)Clean Energy Development,Probably needs $8,000,000 to $12,000,000;
(5)Small and Medium-sized Characteristic Tourist Development,Probably needs 800,000.00 to 12,000,000;
(6)Elderly Foster Center,Probably needs $5,000,000.00 to $8,000,000.00;
(7)Rural Children Education,$1,200,000.00 to $1,600,000.00;
(8)The Rural Environment and Housing Improvement Project,Probably needs $3,000,000.00 to $5,000,000.00;
(9)Urban & Rural Real Estate Development Projects,Probably needs $12,000,000.00 to $16,000,000.00;
(10)Internet of Things Project,Probably needs $36,000,000.00 to $40,000,000.00.

The project construction position: Sichuan in China
Contact:Mr Liu B.
E-Mail:aw_cgs@163.com aircg@126.com

Fri, 2010/06/04 - 05:10

Dear LRA1974,

We are an upcoming Pvt. Ltd. Company in Mumbai, India.

We need Project finance for the following Projects:

1)Agriculture Cum Bio-Energy Project - USD 7 Million to USD 56 Million.

2)Shipbuilding & ShipRepair Project - USD 7 Million upwards.

Client's Order Confirmed.

For further details Please Contact

kaeappl@gmail.com, bhagirsri@yahoomail.com

Tue, 2010/07/13 - 23:08

we interested to more detail about your project as your offer.
1. shipbuilding and shiprapir. and agriculture bio energy

akrab ag

Wed, 2010/10/27 - 05:55

Dear Akrab,

We are from Banglore India , We need a Fund for Apparel & real estate Business ,

In India Banglore Is very fast Growing city, We have a good Hand in the city to build the business,,

pls advise me on,,, bizpoint.global@gmail.com

Sun, 2010/06/06 - 11:23

Investment and Cooperation Step
About assist your funds transfer,I declare beforehand three principles as follows:
⑴Don't assume any cash advances, I agree with the necessary transfer fees deducted from bank deposits.
⑵Don't let me pretend to be called So-called next of kin
⑶Provide my personal information and bank account before,Both sides should complete cooperation agreement signed documents.
⑷Provide Your Basic Information and please tell me your
basic information,Such as the following content:
① Your Identity(High definition Scan files):
② Nationality:
③ Residential Address:
④ Postal Code:
⑤ Tel/Fax:
⑥ Age:
⑦ National:
2-Choose Cooperation Way
If you really want to invest in China, you should be detailed introduction of cooperative intentions and target, investment shall conform to China's laws.So need to both sides signed an agreement on co-operation.About cooperation way you can choose one of the following two ways:
① Equity admission
Your funds input our company(Chengdu Everbright Airtech R&D Co.,Ltd),you become a partner's (shareholders). If you share subscription ratio of the registered capital to 60% of the company, you are qualified Chairman of the company.
② Established of Partnership Company
According to your money and negotiate business scope, can establish a common new partnership(Partnership Company).You become a shareholder of the new Partnership Company. If you input money accounted for 60% of the registered capital of the company, you still have the qualification to be a new company's Chairman.The company's CEO entrusted by you (Chairman),When you're thoughtful, please tell me your choice. I'm waiting for your caroling.
3-Investment and cooperation projects(new partnership business fields)
Office building(about12000㎡):$8,000,000.00~$14,000,000.00
Green Vegetables Base:$500,000.00~$800,000.00
Aviation Ground Equipment Development$8,000,000.00~$12,000,000.00
Electronic Weighing Equipment Development:$2,000,000.00~$2,400,000.00
Rural Tourism Attractions Development:$12,000,000.00~$16,000,000.00
Food Manufacturing(Pollution-free food):$1,200,000~$1,800,000

Sincere Cooperation,Create a Win-Win Situation!
Your Honest Partner

Project Address: Sichuan in China
Contact Addresses:#6Xinjun Road,Xindu,Chengdu P.R.China
Postal Code:610500
Mobile Phone:908034035 Contact:Mr Liu B.
E-Mail:aw-cgs@163.com air.cgs@hotmail.com

★Choose Cooperation Way★
If you really want to invest in China, you should be detailed introduction of cooperative intentions and target, investment shall conform to China's laws.So need to both sides signed an agreement on co-operation.About cooperation way you can choose one of the following two ways:
⒈Equity admission □yes□No
Your funds input our company(Chengdu Everbright Airtech R&D Co.,Ltd),you become a partner's (shareholders). If you share subscription ratio of the registered capital to 60% of the company, you are qualified Chairman of the company.
⒉Established of Partnership Company□yes□No
According to your money and negotiate business scope, can establish a common new partnership(Partnership Company).You become a shareholder of the new Partnership Company. If you input money accounted for 60% of the registered capital of the company, you still have the qualification to be a new company's Chairman.The company's CEO entrusted by you (Chairman),When you're thoughtful, please tell me your choice. I'm waiting for your caroling.
⒊Investment and cooperation projects(new partnership business fields)
Choose your interest in the investment projects,In the following table

Super-Market:$800,000.00~$1,200,000.00 □yes □No
Office building(about12000㎡):$8,000,000.00~$14,000,000.00□yes□No
Green Vegetables Base:$500,000.00~$800,000.00 □yes □No
Aviation Ground Equipment Development:$8,000,000.00~$12,000,000.00 □yes □No
Electronic Weighing Equipment Development:$2,000,000.00~$2,400,000.00 □yes □No
Rural Tourism Attractions Development:$12,000,000.00~$16,000,000.00 □yes □No
Food Manufacturing(Pollution-free food):$1,200,000~$1,800,000 □yes □No

Sincere Cooperation,
Create a Win-Win Situation!
Your Honest Partner

Project Address: Sichuan in China
Contact Addresses:#6Xinjun Road,Xindu,Chengdu P.R.China
Postal Code:610500
Mobile Phone:908034035
Contact:Mr Leon Hao
E-Mail:aircg@126.com or air.cgs@hotmail.com

Tue, 2010/07/13 - 23:13


Fri, 2011/03/25 - 21:48

dear investor

my name Dyan from blitar - east java.indonesia.
my city need any investor for some project.

minerals ore. zeolite (cec 170 - 180), Calcium 90%up, clay, felsfar, bentonite, toseki, andesit, marmer, pumice stone dll

metals ore : iron send, iron ore, lead, coopers, gold, manganes, laterite iron dll

project : fuel filing station, real ertate, powder industri,

all of this need take for prosesing.

i have any fuel filing ready to take over. if you interesrt contac us.

mr Dyan blitar
Cahyono58@gmail.com / phone/fax. 62342 551001/ 554341
mobile. 62 85815056087

good day!
Please carefully read the following content, determine ways of cooperation and tell me your decision.
If you really want to invest in China and development, first of all you should abide by Chinese laws and proper selection of cooperation and investment way, thus establishing cooperative partnership to both sides signed a cooperative agreement, this is a kind of effective forms.
We offer you a bank account purpose is to transfer investment fund,Should according to normal procedure and method of investment and cooperation, but we don't accept the so-called "beneficiary" call. So, I can become your "trustee" or "management". Of course, this need you to give me the appointed lawyer to send the file and the necessary notarial organs. So I don't accept the so-called "next of kin", you must follow the basic principle.
1-Don’t undertake any prepaid expenses,all the expenses by your own burden.
2-Don’t let me pretend to be called So-called“next of kin”.
3-I provide you bank account before,both parties must complete cooperation agreement signed.
4-Your basic information please tell me as follows (provides account before):
Your Identity(High definition Scan files):?
Your Degree:?
Residential Address:?
Postal Code:?
Jointly Establish Partnership Company
According to your money and business scope, jointly establish a new partnership. You are the partnership of shareholders of a company.If you invested funds than half of the registered capital of the company,you are qualified to become the new company‘s Chairman.The new company's President(CEO) appointed by you. So, please consider after your wise choice to tell me.
Sincere and Frank!
Mr Liu B.

We are a group of professional in Aviation Business in Indonesia.
If you are an investor or group of investors, interested in Aviation Business in Indonesia.

We may help you to run your own Aviation Business in Indonesia.
If we start the business now, your company will operate and entering the Indonesia's wide market in mid of 2011.

Please contact : Asep Dinar Saefudin
Email : azdinars@gmail.com
Website : http://azdinars.worpress.com

Sun, 2010/10/31 - 07:51

My friend has running business to take over and it is making money with maintanance contract with SYABAS (Malaysia Water treatment Company).

Reason to sell because other business of his expending..

I need someone to invest and take over management of this company.

This company is making monthly usd30k to usd50k every month net profit.

please contact me at email razalichemat@yahoo.com.

Project Name: Aircraft Center of Gravity Measurement System
Project Profile
The Aircraft Center of Gravity Measurement System is aviation maintenance engineering is very important in the special test equipment, through this equipment can quickly, accurately and automatically, effectively measured gravity (ACG) aircraft in type specification limits (namely gravity before allowing limit and the distance between the limit of gravity after) range. For aircraft power, gas load quantity direct impact force, as each part in a safe and effective in flight must be strictly all force in the grid balance. The force of gravity, if not by aircraft will focus on aircraft, which constitute torque to turn up and down and torque, left or right by aircraft roll torque and tilt left or right appear aircraft to deflection of torque. Therefore, control and mastery of the stability of aircraft barycenter position control and ensure flight safety, very important significance.
This system is used machine theory originality - platform "mapping mechanism through" measuring platform and gear wheel load each tire, the total load distribution in gear wheel under different platforms, When the wheel to work by computer output signal of gravity force platform for collection, transmission and transformation, according to the different type of measurement process requirements, attitude, gravity, calculation methods and formulas, the co-op/ACG measurement of packages, automatic measurement model is calculated by the model barycenter coordinates Xcg, Zcg,Ycg,or %MAC position or according to the requirements from type measuring relative gravity (% conversion. MAC) The whole operation process safe, rapid and accurate. The system has good compatibility measurement precision machine, covering almost all the helicopter, fighter planes, bombers, heavy transports the layout of all kinds of gear measurement center technological requirements.
Wheel load platform is composed of gravity measurement system for signal detection, and one of the important elements, the transmission of light load platform is suitable for various helicopters and fighter planes, it makes Taiwan security load capacity from 6 tons - 15 tons. Heavy load platform is suitable for various car type of gear wheel heavy-duty machines, the more safe load ability makes Taiwan from 15 to 24 tons tons. Two kinds of platform security overload capacity and limit overload capacity can reach F.S 150% respectively, and F.S 200% system has better precision in 1,000. Nested in the measuring system based on PC software ACG measurement Win operation platform, the visualization software system is the important constitute the core technology. With automatic data collection and conversion gravitational signal transmission, operation, real-time display, storage and print output functions. The whole Chinese domestic for aircraft of the new generation of gravity measurement localization. In 2002, complete sets of equipment in the air force one aircraft maintenance base success fully put into use.
Earlier Work
In 2002, the system in air force one aircraft maintenance base by Mi- 17,Mi- 8 andDolphin helicopter the smooth realization model test in the expected contract research various performance indicators. It has been four years, no times failure.
Market Analysis and Forecast
To develop machine theory - platform ", "measurement of aircraft mapping mechanism of gravity measurement system, sufficient cover all the helicopter, fighter planes, bombers, heavy transports the layout of all kinds of gear measurement center packages, satisfy ACG domestic aviation aerospace and military aircraft and many more measured under the way of measuring software subcontractor, provide ACG products with excellent performance to price alternative similar imported equipment.
Project Investment Estimation
Investment amount 6 ~ 8 million USD mainly used as follows:
the tire platform for the three structure size optimization and six compatible type safety range (6 ~ 360 tons) of development,
platform signal wireless data transmission research,
the platform level automatic compensation study,
pose parameters measured automatically.
(5) 6 ~ 360 tons range of export-oriented system prototype development.
Expected Benefits
Aircraft gravity measuring system is used to Air Force, Army, Naval, Civil Aviation and general navigation equipment. Early years about 20~35 sets of equipment and accessories users. By measuring the various components package co-op gravity measurement equipment, initial, about 15 ~ 20 sets of equipment and accessories users into the market. Two types of equipment, about 260-3 million yuan RMB, the gross sales income about 4,5 million USD, and 4 to 5 asean countries and regions of. About two investment can be recovered.
Project Add:Chengdu in China
Contact:Mr Liu B.

Sun, 2010/08/08 - 11:08

Project One: Tourism
Make use of favorable conditions of the Ecological Development Zone along Qingbai River to develop tourism vigorously, build holiday resorts near metropolis that have unique characteristics. Make use of the District''s primitive natural environment to develop new cultural landscape and ecological natural landscape.

Project Two: Eco-agriculture
Make use of existing favorable environment to develop construction agriculture and sightseeing agriculture along Qingbai River and vigorously develop scale agriculture on basis of current agricultural foundation while taking Xinfan Town and Xinmin Town along Qingbai River as priorities of development.

Project Three: Country inns
Make use of the favorable natural & ecological environment to build country inns with unique characteristics within the Ecological Development Zone along Qingbai River.

Project Four: Theme parks and eco-residential communities
Make use of favorable natural & ecological environment along Qingbai River to build theme parks and eco-residential communities to serve as resorts for people who live long in cities where they can have recreation, spend holidays and go sightseeing.

Project One:
Project name: leisure theme park, low-density luxury residential area and commercial leisure street
Project location: within Xindu “198”Area and close to Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding
Project area: about 26.05 sq. km
Project content: to invest and build a leisure town integrating entertainment with commerce with a theme of giant panda and construct low-density luxury residential area and commercial leisure street
Project environment: Liangsheng Area in Chengdu“198”ecological development area is recommended as the key development area. This area boasts beautiful ecological environment and rich water resources within which there is Shizi Wetland in Liangsheng Area, Mulan.

Project Two:
Project name: modern and urban agricultural project
Project location: within Xindu “198”Area
Project content: to build urban facility agriculture combined with agricultural technical innovation, agricultural products processing and sightseeing and tourism which is characterized by vegetables, fruits, flowers and trees.
Project environment: sporadic distribution of “198”Area around Chengdu central districts and around Chengdu is extremely fit for urban agriculture which depends on city, serves for city and suits development strategy of urban construction.

Let me help you to transfer funds to foreign investment. But, I hope your investment intention is clear, your motivation is true, only in this way can you succeed.However, you need to pay attention to the following:

A) If you really want to invest in China and development, first of all you should abide by Chinese laws and proper selection of cooperation and investment way, thus establishing cooperative partnership to both sides signed a cooperative agreement, this is a kind of effective forms.

B) I provide a bank account for you,the purpose is for your investment funds from bank to bank of the transfer of convenience.

C) I don't agree with the so-called "Successor" ,"Beneficiary" or “next of kin” this title,please follow the normal way of cooperation and investment programs handle.However can accept "trustee" or "supervision Manager". Of course, this need you to give me the appointed lawyer to send the file and the necessary notarial organs.

D) To assist fee is not important,(%)as you like.

E) In the handling of funds transfer transaction costs in the process, I accept only deducted from total sum, I don't agree to any fees paid in advance. So that, all expenses by your own burden.

F) I provide you bank account before,both parties must complete cooperation agreement
signed and need you to tell me your basic information as following:

Your Identity /Passport (High definition Scan files):?
Your Age:?
Your Degree:?
Your Professional:?
Your Residential Address(detailed):?
Postal Code:?
Mobile phone:?

Let's to Jointly Establish Partnership Company,however we must abide by the procedures as following:
A) Full understanding of each other, establish partnerships,

B) Signed the agreement by both parties,
C) For the investment party provide bank account,
D) Assist investors invest in the country registered company,

Your Sincere Friend.
Mr B.Liu
Mobile phones:15102876257
Chengdu in China

Wed, 2010/09/15 - 11:13

Dear Muslim Investors,

We are about to register a private company Ltd in the name Webkey International, among other things we would like to implement a Business project named "Auto Teaching Maths and Sciences In Secondary Schools (ATMSSS)"- The name being already registered in the United Republic of Tanzania.

So please, the Business is all about Academic DVDs, VCDs, VHSs, Software and Online services for the subjects- MATHEMATICS, BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS, GEOGRAPHY AND HISTORY.

The start up fund required is atleast $ 35,750. The business anticipates highest returns in few moths time as per our market research.

For more details, please contact:



+255714982304, samaju85@yahoo.com.

Wed, 2010/09/15 - 19:56

We have been involved in trading of Pakistani Rice and Cement within Pakistan.Recently,we are planning to expany our operations and export these commodities to other countries.Currently we are looking for someone to eithr finance our export business or become our partner.We can provide all the required documents and maket rreport for your satisfaction.Furthermore,you can do your own research before taking any decision.

I am really looking forward to my fellow muslim brothers(DONT WANT TO GET INTO ANY BANK INTEREST MATTERS)
You can contact me


Fahad Zafar

Sun, 2010/09/19 - 01:29

Total project including 13 statures project, as follows
★Sub-Project Number & Number
P-08001:Reception Center,Expected Investment($):1,200,000
P-08002:Cabin(The first phase of the project 100building)Expected Investment($):800,000
P-08003:Landscape Suspension Bridges,Expected Investment($):50,000
P-08004:Phoenix Bridge(the 2 phase project),Expected Investment($)400,000
P-08005:Overhead Corridor(Length of about 1.2 kilometers),Expected Investment($):250,000
P-08006:The ecological landscape garden (vegetables, orchid, sapling).,Expected Investment($):150,000
P-08007:Boating and drift (river reform and purchase boat fee),Expected Investment($):600,000
P-08008:Sandy and swimming venue (field retrofit cost),Expected Investment($):400,000
P-08009:Environmental restoration(life sewage treatment, green, etc.),Expected Investment($):300,000
P-080010:Ecological Farms project(Pig, chicken, duck, fish, sheep, cattle )※,Expected Investment($):2,500,000
P-080011:The whole design fees (estimated),Expected Investment($):200,000
P-080012:Souvenir factory,Expected Investment($):250,000
P-080013:Mineral springs water workshop(the 2 phase project)m,Expected Investment($):1,200,000
Total Sum:(total fee does not include the second phase of the project for 6,500,000).8,100,000
★Expected Business Benefit
1-3years:visitors 4000/the per capita consumption 600.00 RMB,Annual Income:2,400,000.00,
4-6years:visitors 8000/the per capita consumption 800.00 RMB,Annual Income:6,400,000.00,
7-10years:visitors10000/the per capita consumption1000 RMB,Annual Income:10,000,000.00,

Is the average gross is RMB 5,200,000.00,other expenses deducted by 15%, however net income is RMB 4,420,000.00. So that,the investment capital can be recovered in 3 years to 4years.However the longest do not exceed 5 years.Note:P080012 and P080013 these two projects not included.
The project construction position: Sichuan in China
Contact:Mr B.Liu
Contact address:No.6 Xinjun Road,Xindu Chengdu China
Postal code:610500
E-Mail:aw_cgs@163.com aircg@126.com
Mobile phones: 15102876257

Wed, 2010/10/27 - 06:03

Dear All,

We Are from Banglore India , Banglore is softwear and apparel city , we need a fund for real estate and apprel business pls contact me at ,,, bizpoint.global@gmail.com

personal friends are welcome to talk with me,,


For the sake of you of money transfers security,you need to have effectively operating plan.So,please understand that I give you the following Suggestions:

1.If your funds intends to transfer to the China investment and business,the funds must have source
legitimacy proof.Otherwise,even if your money into China's a bank account,It will cause the bank's high attention,
especially large sum of money.Therefore,the government's financial supervision and bank account will notify the applicant,and further investigation is required to provide the necessary documents.If you cannot provide documents and the necessary credential,the bank account will be
"Freeze".The next stage is to face severe situation,in other words may face a so-called "Money Laundering"crime accused.Therefore,is not so easy as you imagined.

Therefore, you are need to draw up a reasonable and legitimate solution(or nominal, but it's very necessary).So that It's very necessary and very important.

3.Therefore,the most effective solution as follows:

⑴You need to clear your capital purpose,the only way is foreign to the overseas investment(such as wholly owned foreign or jv).Of course, this joint venture investors are you to your own name. If you think you are not easy, you can oneself child's name or the name of your relatives instead.

⑵I just to help your investment partner,If you are willing to perhaps can become future partnership a shareholder.However I help you invested in China,It must fully conforms to China's investment laws.
⑶ Therefore, the cooperation agreement signed by both parties, it is very necessary. This is an important legal document, it is to ensure that your money into China has legitimacy foundation of... Because of the partnership agreement, and provide bank records through bank bank (I) report of the bank of foreign exchange administration. Therefore, no so-called "Secret". Here, the so-called "Secret" is of no significance.
⑷ If when we finished agreement after signing,next is both sides discussed partnership company's establishment and partnership enterprise registration files (such as article of association,etc),
applicant company bank account,the company registered in local industrial and commercial bureau through taking legal business qualification, So the funds can transfer in this new company's bank account.

4.We can see that it is a reasonable solution, it is to let you the only way to success. Of course is your only option,If you can follow
and execute it, of course, I'll is very happy with you together.

5.Relevant funds transfer fees, complete by investors (your self). The bank should be transferred from the burden of total deduct, or funds transfer after finishing, according to the different scale apportion. Otherwise,this work is difficult to enter the next step.

6.In addition, the safety of fund transfer method is a bank to bank. Do not use any other method.

7.I hope you to this plan can express their own opinions, the most important is to discuss the plan, make it more perfect, more reasonable. If you need me to help you a draft "the Partnership Agreement"send to you,after you complement and modification and then feed back to me.

8.In order to make you more understandable and promote successful,the following diagram is an important weapon.So you must carefully read and correct understanding,and according to the regulations.
All the best!
Mr B.Liu
Chrngdu in China

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am planning to establish Pharma tablet manufacturing unit,i am in need of ful technical detail as well as financial support.If any one is intrested please contact me in below mention email address.
Thank You
Mohammad Yasir
E Mail: yasirmohammad6@gmail.com

Thu, 2011/01/06 - 07:00


TEL:0090 242 316 637
GSM:0090 532 617 595

We are looking for a foreign investor who can invest in this sunny Maldives. I am sure this would be very great opportunity for you to make good business, as you know Maldives is a very famous Holiday Destination in the world.
Maldives offers unlimited assistance and conveniences to all businessmen and investors. The right partnerships between overseas investors and Maldivian businesses have led to astounding commercial success. The number of foreign companies investing in the Maldives is growing in areas such as manufacturing and exporting, creation of well known hotels and managing resorts. This is contributed to the amazing success investors combined with our legendary culture of innovation and excellence.
The Maldives offers a clear security policy for all foreign investors.
Foreign investors are offered a transparent policy environment under article
25/79 of the law on foreign investments, guaranteeing the security of investments. In addition our liberal trade environment, dynamic private sector and development-oriented legal structure all contribute to a conducive climate for trade and investment.
The Maldives has a strong record of political stability resulting from homogenous nature of our society with one culture, one religion and one language. Thus the ethnic and political unrest that can disrupt economic activities elsewhere are practically non-existent in the Maldives.
The country is an income tax and corporate tax haven. The vast untapped potential in natural marine resources and the young, energetic and trainable workforce are strong inducements to invest in the Maldives, as has been proven by many successful foreign investors.
Foreign Investors may choose either of the following business arrangements when investing in the Maldives:
* Joint ventures with local partners
* Wholly owned foreign investments.
Incentives for investors
* No exchange restrictions
* 100 percent foreign ownership or joint ventures
* Streamlined foreign investment procedures
* Long term leasing of land
* Freedom to use expatriate labour (managerial, technical or unskilled)
* Low duties on exports-waivers for approved projects
we have been involved vastly in real-estate business
During all those years of point blank observation we have realized that the following types of investments can reward us quite handsomely
Real-estate business
Investing to real-estate business: 7 story building - 2 rooms apartments (estimated 3.1 lakhs us$ for 15- 20 years)
Total investments to be covered within 4-5 years and for next 10-15 years its all profits. (4- 3 rooms apartments can be built)
Remote Island Resort operation in the Maldives
Investing to open a Resort Hotel in the Maldives: 50 - 80 rooms (estimated 40 million us$ for 20 years)
Total investment to be covered is estimated within minimum 5 - 6 years depending on the markets and rates we sell the rooms annually and the remaining 14 years relax on the sunny beach counting the profits.
An excellent opportunity, for investment in the Maldives. Payback, within 6 years.
Safari vessel operation in the Maldives
Investing to build a safari vessel for operation in the Maldives: 12 rooms (24 pax) (2.5 million us$)
Total investment will be covered within maximum 2-3 years and for the next 10 - 15 years it’s all profits until the vessel is unusable for operation.
It’s estimated starting from a single safari it’s quite common practice in the Maldives that every 2 year another extra vessel is build by the safari operators due to the high profitability and quick coverage of the investment.
if you need more information please contact me: hath_kao@hotmail.com
Best Regard
Perfect Maldives pvt ltd

I have ever worked in a bank for 21 years, and have experience in financial investment field for 8 years .I do have research in China political economy, in the same time ,familiar with the mainland financial economy policy and law rules .I establish wide relations with some local governments,financial institution ,media organizations .Icon offer effective service for these company that want to invest in China like invest company, invest funds ,enterprises ,and inside and outside financial companies .Meanwhile, I can help the enterprises to establish their local office and branch ,explore invest item ,arrange the money to enter the safe passage and help them negotiate with some local governments for the best benefit.
In addition, my PE (Private Equity Fund) have a deep understanding of well-known in mainland China Pre-IPO, foreign investment institutions to help set up PE, investment in Chinese listed companies and listed companies.
Please contact me if you would like to invest in China.
Sincerely Yours

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I am looking for a investor/partners to set up a cold storage in Lalmonirhat, Bangladesh. The investment required would be from $3 to $5 millions depending on the number of size of the cold storage. The business plan is available upon request. Please contact Mr. Md. Reajul Haque Patwari. MBA, Emai:irdflalmoni@gmail.com

Wed, 2011/08/17 - 13:30

investing in a business which guarentee a full return in an acceptable period is a successful investiment.
we here in Mladives need water. our land area is just a small fraction. our people are located in some nearly 200 islets in the middle of indian ocean.
water is something we do not have but we have!!!!!!! yes we have water but we need to do some changes to have that. as our islets are sourrounded by sea, we have to desalinate sea water to get pure water to dring bath wash and for anything.
the demand for water is very high in the maldives.
as i am from the second biggest and populous city in maldives and there is no desalination to this we have to pay high price to import water for all purposes.
therefore i for see that building a 500matric ton/day water desalinating factory in the city will be a huge business. water can be bottled, supplied in bowsers , piped to households and also can be sold to other near by islets in bowsers via sailing vessels.
i have land but no funds. i am looking to star this with an investor who likes to put his money in putting up this factory.

We are Private Ltd ESCO offering energy conservation and renewable energy solutions to Pakistani Industrial and Commercial sectors. We are based at Lahore and wanted to be sharia compliance company in raising funds for our expanding business. Due to growth in our renewable energy business we require investors to be our sleeping partner or invest on project to project basis, whose return will be offered upon maturity Inshallah. We are also short listed for first MW Bio Gas project to be set up at modern slaughter house near Lahore city for which Investors or JV partners are urgently requested to contact us. Plz visit our site www.srs.com.pk
Looking forward to your reply.
M. Ibrahim Khan
cell: 0092 303 4444552

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Dear Sir/Madame
Looking for investors interested in investing in the Polish technology companies.
Poland is one of the fastest growing countries in Europe. We have highly qualified employees in industries such as IT, internet, new media, biotechnology.
I have a holding company registered in the U.S. to manage the companies created for the purchase of shares in the Polish technology projects.
BENEFITS : Owning shares in Polish companies is ensured transfer of technology and safe and at the same high returns on invested capital.
For more information, send email to: bluetree.capital@interia.pl

Best Regards,
Matt Bila
Blue Tree Capital LLC

We would like to introduce our society with you; National Women’s
Welfare Society Darwha has been established for the development of the
Muslim Community in 1991. Technically speaking it came into existence
with its registration under registration of Societies Act 1860- MAH
/2470 being its registration number on dated 16 November 1991 it also
registered under Bombay public trust of 1950 on 22 July 1991 vides its
No. F 2482. Society registered under F.C.R.A. by Govt. of India for
receiving foreign funds its vide No.084010013 in April 1997. SOCIETY
ALSO REGISTERD in Incom tax act 1961 under sec 80G and 12A .Society
has been conducting the minority education system since 15 year to
bring the Muslim Community in progress.
Initially, society started the Urdu classes for non Urdu persons,
saving machines were provided to the needy girls. Where later on it
organized the various programs for the awareness on environment.
Society has always been actively engaged in spreading Urdu language
among the society.
Society established national Urdu high school that has been running
successfully in small village since last eight year. Similarly Hazrat
Abu Bakar Siddique (Razi) Urdu High School has been established in
2005 in Manbha village.
Taking into account the need and benefit of Urdu student of Washim
District. Society established Hazrat Umer Farooque (Razi) Urdu D.ed
College at Karanja (Lad) that enjoys the privilege of being the first
private Urdu medium college in the Washim District. Now society is
seeking for financial assistant to build a college building. Society
has already spent 60 Lake rupees on this project & remaining amount
expected from you as a financial aid.
construction of modern primary school====== 7500000 rupees
construction of modern high school========= 8200000 rupees
construction of Rahul Gandhi marathi d ed college 500000 rupees
construction of hazrat umar farooque urdu d ed college. 6300000 rupees.
construction of hazrat abu bakar siddique urdu high school 6800000 rupees.
We hope that you will help us this time. So kindly take an
appropriate action in this regard.we are calirify that please do not
hasitate for contact us in this regard.
National Womens Welfare Society.
DARWHA.Dist. Yavatmal. Mahrashtra State. INDIA

09921863621, mobile.