Selam alekum,

My husband and I have been living in the States for over 10 years. For a long time, we have wanted to buy a house but we didn't want to start our lives with a wrongful act (interest loans). But now, paying high rent and putting only some aside, it feels like only at deathbed we'll be able to own a home. We have asked different local imams about buying a house on interest and we got different views. So, I was wondering....
1) Is it considered haram to buy a house, even if we plan to live all our lives in the US?
2) If so, are there any companies that offer interest free loans for muslims in my situation?
3) What other options do I have?

Thank you very much!


Sat, 2005/12/03 - 13:38

You may want to check this article and see if getting a mortagage is a viable alternative.
Muslim Investor Site Admin

Thu, 2006/02/16 - 17:57

Salam Alekum,

Al Hamed LLAH, There is ways you can do that and In shaa Allah we can help.
My Name is Ahmed Haleim and I work for Guidance Financial and we understand that buying a house is a major personal decision and we are pleased to offer you a unique Sharia-Compliant home financing program.

Ahmed Haleim

Thu, 2007/04/26 - 05:07

Salam aleykum!

I am interested in Sharia-Compliant home financing program. Where can I find out about it.

Thank you in advance


Wed, 2010/04/14 - 21:58

can you please send me more details, how can i buy a house . i have some money for downpayment


Fri, 2010/04/23 - 00:02

Dear Brother

Salam alaikom warahmatollah wabarakatoh

I live in Australia, we have non islamic banking or finance organisations. I am planning to buy a house for myself and family to live in for the rest of our life. But I want to get the loan under the Sharia way. Can you please send me details on how to apply so that I can proceed and recommen another brothers as well..?
Please send all details on how it works, conditions, rules, and all payments required upfront and during the course of the homeloan...

Salam Alaikom

Thu, 2010/07/08 - 12:12

Assalam Alaikum,
I saw your small email regarding providing an islamic finance your email says

Home Financing The Sharia Way
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 2006/02/16 - 18:57.

Salam Alekum,

Al Hamed LLAH, There is ways you can do that and In shaa Allah we can help.
My Name is Ahmed Haleim and I work for Guidance Financial and we understand that buying a house is a major personal decision and we are pleased to offer you a unique Sharia-Compliant home financing program.

Ahmed Haleim

kindly please send me the details regarding islamic way of buying a home.I live in mississisauga n very much interested in buying my own house.
Thank you

Sat, 2010/08/07 - 00:24

Brother, it seems like they did not tell you exactly what you are supposed to be selling. Guidance is a licensed mortgage broker - it sells mortgages coordinated by Freddie Mac. Did you not know that? You offer an amortization schedule at a predetermined rate (call it interest, profit or anything else it is all the same thing). "Customers" owe you money and that money is secured by a lien that you place on the house. Did you not know that? That is the definition of a loan and since you get more than you gave then it is an interest bearing loan. Did you not know that? If you did not then it is a problem, if you did then it is a bigger problem!

Mon, 2011/03/07 - 14:27

Mr. Ahmed Haleim

PLS give me some info how to apply to purchase a house in Florida.

Mon, 2007/06/11 - 18:44

What does it really mean by sharia complaint loan? These banks are making you and me fool.

If you take amortization table from a sharia complaint bank, and compare it with a riba based bank, you would not find any difference.

They would talk about diminishing musharka and products like that but you would find out that there is no joint owner ship in business, you would bare loss, there is no profit sharing (like riba based loans), you are responsible for repairs, maitnanace, insurances, taxes, other liabliities of home .. however on papers, this is a joint ownership.

Are we that stupd to understand that people are giving us wolves in sheep's skins.

Wed, 2007/06/27 - 22:54

Asslayam Alykhum

I am living in calgary, alberta. I am interested in Sharia-Compliant home financing program. Coop do the islamic financing but there downpayment is high. If there is any other institue or individual can provide halal financing with a musherkah or mudarba model, please email me at

Allah hafiz


Wed, 2007/12/12 - 00:46

The word "mortgage" is derived from the French language which basically means "death grip". "Mort" in French means death and "gage" in French means grip. So, when you buy a house and get a "mortgage", the bank has a "death grip" on you for the next 30 or so years. Plus, Riba (interest) is Haram and punishable by Allah (SWT). Allah (SWT) says that on judgement day the ones who deal with Riba will come out of their graves as if they are possessed by demons. Angels will descend and bring weapons and give it to that person and say "Prepare to fight a war with Allah and his Messenger Muhammed (SAWS)". So, to my fellow Muslims......please check into the "True" Sharia way to buying a home and don't fall into the "Death Grip" and punishment from Allah (SWT) for paying Riba.
Salam Alaikum,

Tue, 2008/01/15 - 00:04

Assalam-o-Alekum :

Is this permissible to obtain conventional mortgage for house purchase from Bank when no Islamic/Shariah compliant mortgage system available in true sense? Locally in Toronto there are only few companies exist e.g UMFinancial and ISNA Canada. UMFinancial take money from credit union company and replace interest with profit in the agreement and charge additional 2-3% in the monthly payment, they call it trade which is allowed in Islam. Due to credit and housing slump in US, UMFinancial is off-business these days. While ISNA Canada (Ansar Housing Cooperative) needs atleast 6 months of prior investment in their company and there is long waiting list. This system is not practical as to buy a new home the funds often not available at closing.
One brother of Islam argues that it is not necessary to buy house for living if there is no true Islamic way available and just keep renting forever. Is this justified? There is a Fatwa from Dr Yusuf Al Qaradawi which allows "Muslims living in Western countries to buy homes using conventional mortgage, on the premise that this is the only way available, and that rent is a long term waste of money".

Please advise me in this respect at your earliest.

Jazak Allah,


Mashkoor Baig

Fri, 2009/06/12 - 20:32

The Fatwa by Qaradawi should be rejected. Riba has no exceptions other than if one's life is threatened or if it is against the law not to do riba in the place where you live (i.e. mandatory car insurance, but even then some 'ulama say, "No!").

Qaradawi is an innovator and if you read his fataawa he simply takes the opinion that will please the most people.

The thing you describe is riba on the basis that it is a no-risk profit off of a lone. This is no different than riba, and just because it does not take the name of interest, it does not become halal. The shari'i definition of riba does not just cover interest. It is well known within Islam that whenever a loan is given the debtor pays back the exact amount of the loan and nothing more. It is not even permissible for them to agree to pay back more.

When two things are exchanged and they are of the same type it is haraam to exchange for a profit. this is clear from the hadith where the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم said that one should only trade salt for an equal weight of salt, gold for gold, silver for silver, etc. This type of transaction cannot be done on credit. If something is of the same general type of thing may be traded for increase or decrease, but it cannot be done on credit (over time). So, one can trade one dollar for four quarters or a dinar for two dirham (amount does not matter here, but one should always be fair in business). However doing this on credit becomes riba. The only transaction that is allowed with credit is a different thing for a different thing. For example I can buy a pound of barley in 5 installments of gold if I want to.

The transaction listed is in the first category (you are exchanging money for money), so it is haraam to pay it back with an increase. There is a way to get a shari'a compliant mortgage and it will resemble as follows:

The bank buys the house, but no interest is required, no late fees are required, and you will pay nothing more than the original loan. However in exchange for this, when you finish paying off the house the bank will take a percentage of an increase in the value of the house, but if there is a decrease then the bank will lose money. If you cannot make payments on the loan then the bank will stop taking payments on the house and charge you rent (most likely scenario). When you can afford the loan, then the bank will resume taking payments. This method insures that both parties have risk.

Muslims who cannot afford Riba free methods should just rent, and those who do not will be punished if they are not forgiven for it. It is a major sin. On Yawm al-Qiyyam those who have consumed riba, payed riba, witnessed a contract of riba, or written down the contract for riba will be met by the Angels and be told to select a weapon. Then they will be told to fight Allaah and his Mesenger صلى الله عليه و سلم.

ٱلَّذِينَ يَأۡڪُلُونَ ٱلرِّبَوٰاْ لَا يَقُومُونَ إِلَّا كَمَا يَقُومُ ٱلَّذِى يَتَخَبَّطُهُ ٱلشَّيۡطَـٰنُ مِنَ ٱلۡمَسِّ‌ۚ ذَٲلِكَ بِأَنَّهُمۡ قَالُوٓاْ إِنَّمَا ٱلۡبَيۡعُ مِثۡلُ ٱلرِّبَوٰاْ‌ۗ وَأَحَلَّ ٱللَّهُ ٱلۡبَيۡعَ وَحَرَّمَ ٱلرِّبَوٰاْ‌ۚ فَمَن جَآءَهُ ۥ مَوۡعِظَةٌ۬ مِّن رَّبِّهِۦ فَٱنتَهَىٰ فَلَهُ ۥ مَا سَلَفَ وَأَمۡرُهُ ۥۤ إِلَى ٱللَّهِ‌ۖ وَمَنۡ عَادَ فَأُوْلَـٰٓٮِٕكَ أَصۡحَـٰبُ ٱلنَّارِ‌ۖ هُمۡ فِيہَا خَـٰلِدُونَ ( ٢٧٥)

يَمۡحَقُ ٱللَّهُ ٱلرِّبَوٰاْ وَيُرۡبِى ٱلصَّدَقَـٰتِ‌ۗ وَٱللَّهُ لَا يُحِبُّ كُلَّ كَفَّارٍ أَثِيمٍ ( ٢٧٦)

إِنَّ ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُواْ وَعَمِلُواْ ٱلصَّـٰلِحَـٰتِ وَأَقَامُواْ ٱلصَّلَوٰةَ وَءَاتَوُاْ ٱلزَّڪَوٰةَ لَهُمۡ أَجۡرُهُمۡ عِندَ رَبِّهِمۡ وَلَا خَوۡفٌ عَلَيۡهِمۡ وَلَا هُمۡ يَحۡزَنُونَ ( ٢٧٧)

يَـٰٓأَيُّهَا ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُواْ ٱتَّقُواْ ٱللَّهَ وَذَرُواْ مَا بَقِىَ مِنَ ٱلرِّبَوٰٓاْ إِن كُنتُم مُّؤۡمِنِينَ ( ٢٧٨)

فَإِن لَّمۡ تَفۡعَلُواْ فَأۡذَنُواْ بِحَرۡبٍ۬ مِّنَ ٱللَّهِ وَرَسُولِهِۦ‌ۖ وَإِن تُبۡتُمۡ فَلَڪُمۡ رُءُوسُ أَمۡوَٲلِڪُمۡ لَا تَظۡلِمُونَ وَلَا تُظۡلَمُونَ( ٢٧٩)

Those who eat Ribâ will not stand (on the Day of Resurrection) except like the standing of a person beaten by Shaitân (Satan) leading him to insanity. That is because they say: "Trading is only like Ribâ," whereas Allâh has permitted trading and forbidden Ribâ (usury). So whosoever receives an admonition from his Lord and stops eating Ribâ shall not be punished for the past; his case is for Allâh (to judge); but whoever returns [to Ribâ], such are the dwellers of the Fire - they will abide therein (275)

Allâh will destroy Ribâ and will give increase for Sadaqât (deeds of charity, alms, etc.) And Allâh likes not the disbelievers, sinners. (276)

Truly those who believe, and do deeds of righteousness, and perform As-Salât (Iqâmat-as-Salât), and give Zakât, they will have their reward with their Lord. On them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. (277)

O you who believe! Be afraid of Allâh and give up what remains (due to you) from Ribâ (from now onward), if you are (really) believers. (278)

And if you do not do it, then take a notice of war from Allâh and His Messenger but if you repent, you shall have your capital sums. Deal not unjustly (by asking more than your capital sums), and you shall not be dealt with unjustly (by receiving less than your capital sums). (279)

Those who say riba is halal commit kufr al-akbar and must repent. If they do not repent they should be killed as apostates. Those who make exceptions are the people of whims and desires and are ahl-bid'ah and should be avoided. Is owning a home necessary? No, it is not. Therefore, there is no exception. We do not make zina halal because it is easier to make it halal. In this manner we do not make riba halal in order to make life easier.

I know that some of this is not argued with in the post I am responding to, but I am also replying to the subject at length.

يا سيدى العزيز - انت لست فى علم العلامه القرضاوى و تتطاول عليه - أظن أن ذلك حرام أو على الاقل عيب
هذا الرجل صادق فى كلامه وهو من أعلم علماء المسلمين اليوم
فليس كل من قرأ كتاب أصبح عالم أو كل من قرأ أو حفظ مجموعة فتاوى أصبح مفتيا
فأنصحك إن لم يعجبك كلام القرضاوى فعلى الاقل لا تتطاول على العلماء
أنجاك الله
سلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته

Wed, 2012/07/04 - 16:12

Qaradawi is conflicting with the quranic script. Which is really straight forward, interest haram and profit is halal. You cant go wrong with that. Nobody is insulting the guy, we just disagree with him

Sun, 2012/02/12 - 03:08

You seem to be quite ignorant of the real essence and teachings of islam, qardawi is a very learned and able scholar of islam living today, regardless of what his fatwa is, let me tell you that the darul-uloom deoband (a famous madrasa in India) issued a fatwa in the 60s making bank interest halal, plz go and look for it and try to understand the reasons why they said so. also pls try to first understand the meaning of Riba as understood by the Arabs during the times of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam before you conclude that it means 'interest' as it exists today.


Thu, 2008/02/21 - 16:29

i would like to buy house but i afraid interes i dont know how to contact isna

Fri, 2012/07/13 - 02:16

Stay away from ISNA housing because all you get is lies and lies.

Before you put your money, the promises you get sound excellent.

After they have your money, all the promises change. And to get back your money is a nightmare. After two years, I'm unable to pull back my money, and they don't answer my phone calls.

asalam-o-aleikum all

i am writing to ask if anybody would be willing to help a young family who would like to buy a home, without dealing with interest and taking a mortgage. We would like to move into a family home and would promise to pay monthly installments over a long period. Allah will reward you Inshalah in the hereafter for helping us in not dealing with ribah. If anyone can help us, please contact us on

jazak allahkhairun

Thu, 2009/01/22 - 18:09

Asslayam Alykhum
I am interested in Sharia-Compliant home financing program. Where can I find out about it.

Thank you in advance

please email me at
jazak allahkhairun

salam aaleykum

Fri, 2009/03/13 - 20:00

al-slam alykom wa rahmat allah wa ta'la
We are interested to buy a house, without dealing in haram, if any one can help, or have any ideas, please feel free to contact me on my e-mail I am willing to do any tning.

jazakoum allah khyr

Sun, 2009/07/12 - 01:18

Asalamu alaikum

I want to buy a house and i have a down payment but, i dont want to buy a house using loan from a non islamic bank. I will like to know a islamic bank in which you can buy a house without interest.

Jazakuallh khair.

Tue, 2010/07/20 - 20:02


there really is no such thing as an islamic, riba free bank. it is really not possible.

I recently found a site:

please contact them, I have talked to them and they really helped


Wed, 2013/04/24 - 23:27

Asalamo alaikum,

Were you able to buy a home through them? We talked to the sheikh involved and he said currently they don't have any investors to move forward.

Thu, 2009/11/19 - 15:10

Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

I am also interested to buy a house with interest free loans and I have done lot of research and I have heard various scholars speeches, some saying halaal and some saying haraam. Bottom line is the Islamic financing companies get their money from Fannie Mae and other lenders and these lenders need profit at any cost.

So if we are all really interested to buy a house we may be able to buy a house in another five years if we plan correctly now.

All the muslim brothers and sisters can pool the money and provide money to one brother/sister to buy a house. Now when i say pooling the money. Each individual can pool in $10000 and with 20members we can get $200000 and a house is bought. We can have like a lucky draw and whos name comes first can buy the house and ALLAH will help. We can also get suggestions from other brothers/sisters about this.
We can work out the monthly rent payment arrangement and I have a feeling that muslims living around Globe are sincere and committed due to the work ethics and the honest environment around. We can get a attorney to have a strong written agreement so that the transaction is purely islamic. Initially we may be able to buy only one house but if the numbers increase exponentially buying house without interest will become easy.
We are wasting time by just thinking of buying house islamically and reading the forums but not thinking positively and moving ahead.
All the brothers and sisters on this forum needs to group up and think positively. If we start this process now it may be within 2-3 years that this process will bear fruits.

I have heard Ghassan barqawi CD on how to buy a house Islamically. The scholar is not giving a solution and by listening to Jamal Badawi I got an idea of grouping muslim brothers and sisters and buying a house for an individual. The persons who are grouping can be investors of prospective buyers.
Now in this process there is no room for losing the money. The only time we will lose the money is when the property prices will go down. And this loss is from ALLAH.
So think seriouly and share your thoughts. A handful of people can make a big difference and we can form a society though we are living all around Globe and start this process.

See ALLAH will only help when we take one step. And we are willing to take a risk. Like Prophet(PBUH) took risks with the sahaba(RA) and atlast Islam was successful.

On the other hand if we dont take any step our children may not be so tolerant and they may opt for a house thru conventional fincancing. This is going to happen.

So Please think about my proposal and keep in touch.
My email:

Thu, 2012/03/29 - 03:12

Salam brother, yes I agree to your suggestion I too was thinking the same thing but how to achieve it if our brothers and sisters in islam are not united? furthermore how this going to work when you are in the west and I'm in the South East Asia.

Mon, 2013/04/29 - 10:00

Assalaamu Alikum
I went through your above article, could you please update me, If you were able to creat group to finance house.
Kindly reply.
Thanks & best regards
Rizwan ul Haque Faridi

Brothers & Sisters in Islam,


There is 5 acre plot in San Ramon, california that is for sale. muslims
can group and buy this land. This is a prime spot (upscale)and schools in this
area all are above 900 API rating.
There is a Islamic center coming up in 5 mile drive area.
I have not done a complete study on All logistics and will be encouraged
to do if investors are interested.


Thu, 2010/05/06 - 06:18

I live in Sydney and no idea about purchasing a house for us for living permanently (interest free loans).
Can anyone guide please.

salamou alaykoum ,
we are a familly of 4 my self my husband and my 2 sons we would like to buy a house because of our old son , he is 8 years old and he have autism he is so hyper its inpposible to live in an apartement with him , we are renting a house and we are paying alot but there is nothing we can do the loan from the bank is haram so please if some body have any idea how to help contact us at
jazakom allah

Sat, 2010/06/19 - 23:32

Assalamu Aleikum,

Check this new program - it details what other programs do and how to recognize a true sharia based program from those that pretend to be. The program is 100% debt free and mortgage free and is 100% sharia based. There is no loan whatsoever involved so no question about riba, and you are invited to ask any scholar you wish.

Wassalamu Aleikum

Sun, 2010/11/14 - 00:49


Many Thanks for this link, do you know more of such companies.

Tue, 2010/06/29 - 06:33

This article comes from IslamBank.Community:: Easing the Burden on Humanity :: Home of Gen M - The Interest-Free Generation

The URL for this story is:

Riba (a curse)
Date Sunday, October 27 @ 12:07:46
Topic Debtors Anonymous

Dear Sir,

I am sending you my personal experience with Riba problem. You can edit and can publish for information of others but without mentioning my name, please.

What happened to me is a lesson to others.

I am a lower middle class Muslim man residing in a Muslim state. I have no my own house nor I have any business or any other source of income except my monthly fixed salary. My family consists on my wife, a daughter and 3-son (1-infant and 2-school going). My daughter is in 7-grade school whereas 2-sons are in grade 5 and 1. I am living in a rented house. I am working with a private firm in administration. Prior to joining the private service, I was office assistant in a government department from where I was compulsory retired on medical grounds. As I am a chronic psoriasis patient with 95% body patched with psoriasis, regularly and continuously itching, irritating, burning and bleeding. This is not curable. Only preventive medication is possible which is too much costly & expensive. I have to look after my family being single source of earning.

For treatment and for the education of my children I used credit cards with all limits to overcome my financial debt. After that, I un-heartedly got a personal loan from a local bank which was on a very high interest rate (riba rate). From that very first day my problem starts. I can say my mistake started giving me the reward in shape of increasing my financial liabilities. In the first month I felt ease but real problem started from the second month when I started paying back the installments. When I took payable money from my salary (which was already low), there left hardly money for 1-week leaving nothing for house-rent, school fee and utility bills.

Resultantly, I started borrowing from relatives and friends and increased another liability. But there was nothing else to me to run the kitchen. During this period my children some time could not took lunch and some nights slept without dinner.

I think this is all due to my mistakes and ignorance from Quran and Islamic teachings. I am a white collar man could not tell real problems to my relatives and friends. I tried to get interest Free Loan (original Loan returnable on availability) but could not succeed. Now I am living in a very worst life having number of financial liabilities which is about 4000 US Dollars. This is all due to Riba and my wrong planning but there is cry to over split milk.

However, I have decided not to go for Riba business in future what so ever reasons thereof. I would like to ask and advise my fellow brothers and sisters not to go for Interest based (Riba) business especially the bank loans because it is a curse. You can never be out of it like me. You will lose your all comforts and will live in stress all the time.

You will not only face problems in this world but after-world on the Day of Judgment.

At the end I would like to request you and my fellow brothers and sisters to kindly help me out with some financial assistance out of your pious earnings so I can come out of my financial crises and able to smoothly educate my daughter and 3-son and payback all my debts.

Those who wish to help me out, can contact to me through IslamBank.Com or directly mail me (e-mail: for more details and verifications.

With regards


[Name Withheld at The Request of IslamBank.Community Member.]

I found it difficult to even attempt editing this Muslim Man's detailed description of the living Hell his family experiencing. Beyond the italics and boldface text formatting, the story is posted as it was submitted.

If you wish to communicate with the brother whose story this is, please email him directly at his email listed at the end of the story or simply post a comment to this story.

Sun, 2010/09/12 - 19:39


I am attempting to find a individual or company, that is willing to loan me $10,000.00; personal loan. Purpose of loan would be to purchase livestock, goats and sheep at local livestock auctions here in South Georgia USA and sell them direct to Halal Slaughter House. I already own truck, livestock trailer and have general knowledge of operating such business. I have lived here in Rural South Georgia for 50 Years. I would need to repay the loan by making monthly payments for 60 to 72 months. I am willing to pay lender interest or share monthly profit percentage-in place of paying interests. I am sincere and in need of financial assistance. Please reply with your terms. My email address is:

Any advise, comments and help, will be greatly appreciated. Have a Blessed Day!

Wendell P. Mason
118 Powell School Road W
Lumber City, GA 31549-3116

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We are a financial power house and we believe in helping
people and co-operate, get a loan from us today. if this
proposal is acceptable to you

Contact George Morina.

Sun, 2013/02/17 - 09:35

Dear Sir,

I live in Morocco and has an import:export business in Mauritius.I have already started trading between Mauritius and Morocco but due to lack of funds,I cannot invest in a boutique in Morocco.I wanted to open a boutique where I would sell clothing,cosmetics and also export moroccan products to Masuritius.

I am now stuck as the start of my business in Mauritius has been slow;I have a cash flow problem now as I need to pay for my house rent,food,child education,etc and things seems very difficult.

Would you be able to help me to come out of this problem.Business is good in Mauritius and Morocco but i need proper finance.I do not have any personal property to put as guarantee as well,so i cannot turn to local banks.

I have had to quit my job In Mauritius to follow my wife who is moroccan and my little son of Five years old.

Please help me.

Thanks & Regards

Mohammad Feizal Golaup

As salaam alaikum,

I am interested in investing in a property in Itsanbul Turkey and would like to know if anyone can offer some advice? I would like to get some names and details of companies who provide halal loans or investment options.

Jazak'Allah khairan.

Knitting is one time investment; it encourages large production in less time.

We intend to take a loan for our knitwear project of a $1.000.000 USD. Plant allocation could be left to our Investor, but we have considered this and actually like two places – Dubai or Turkey. We plan to buy knitting machines from NINGBO ZHONGCHENG KNITTING MACHINE CO., LTD. (their address is provided below), Chinese producer. Along with knitting machines we plan to buy some sewing machines, overlocks and coverlocks from European factories, especially in Germany.
During factory set up we would like to ask Investor personal participation, to make all transaction transparent and clear. As soon as we set up the factory and production has started, our Investor can leave the rest of the job to us and we will provide for his funds repayment along with monthly and annual reports. Every transaction will be followed by accountant documents, to avoid anything fraudulent. We are multi-national environment company and plan to work hard toward project success. We plan to work hard and our experienced staff will do an effective job. During summer period we plan supply garments to Australia and other southern-hemisphere countries where the winter period starts.

Our project is in the pre-start stage. Together with Project / Executive Director - Mr. Phillip Edser, we work on new developments for the project until we can find our finances. We want our Investor to see the real picture and decide for himself if he sees that can be a very profitable project. Our Investor can be of any status, we don’t mind a silent partner or personal involvement. We can accept even few Investors. That way we shall form BOARD OF DIRECTORS, where all investors will be involved. Profitability of this business can be read by simple mathematic calculation provided below:

In the case of buying 7 computerized knitting machines, we can make a profit of:
50 pcs / day * 30days = 1,500 pcs - produced by one knitting machine per month
1,500 pcs * 7 machines = 10,500 pcs - produced by 7 machines per month
10,500 pcs * 50 USD = 525,000 USD - sales amount per month

In the case of buying 20 knitting machines, it makes:
50 pcs / day * 30days = 1,500 pcs - produced by one knitting machine per month
1,500 pcs * 20 machines = 30,000 pcs - produced by 20 machines per month
30,000 pcs * 50 USD = 1,500,000 USD - sales amount per month

Profitability of knitting business can be taken form an example – you buy a wool 1 USD each yarn, to make a set of 2 garments it needs 10-15 yarn, thus you spend max 10-15USD for 10 yarns. When the production is finished you sell it 50 USD, thus you get a net profit of 50-10=40 USD. Raw materials we plan to buy in Turkey.

I am ready to give investor 70 percent ownership rights and 30 remains mine, thus you will be sure its your property until I will pay your funds and interests
Ready to accept personal involvement of investor initially when we set-up that factory, than you can be silent or work actively with us.

Looking forward to hear from you soon


Thu, 2012/11/01 - 15:30

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Tue, 2011/10/25 - 02:29


Dear Brother And Sisters in Islam,

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Mudasar Syed

Sun, 2012/03/18 - 15:16

Assalam alaikum,

Dear Mudassar,

I came across your post to fulfill your parents dreams. Brother it is possible for you to fulfill but i cant promise you anything. I would request you to please be in touch with me i will be in bangalore for 3 days from 23rd March to 25th March 2012. My cell no. 9004050105.

Shahid Sayed

Wed, 2012/01/04 - 10:32

Salam Alaykum Brothers,

I have already a loan from conventional bank, I'd like to get rid of this, and replace by "Sharia way" loan. I live in Czech Republic, have stable and halal job (inshaAllah). I do think that there is any Islam bank in Czech Republic., I am looking for some of them in Germany, Austria or other neighboring countries. I am not sure if we can handle this issue from US ,but Allah knows best.
If you have any recommendation to me yo may email to me.

Jazak Allah,


Wed, 2012/02/08 - 00:15

I would like to know which are the banks in Mumbai offering loans as per the islamic shariah complaint that is without interest. To be in detail the banker should buy the house or land on behalf of us and it should put some profit on the purchased house and sell it to us. In this way paying more amount to the bank becomes legal because we buy the house directly from the bank and it is no more a third party. Please friends i request you all to list out those banks so that i could contact them for further details. Thank You.

Sun, 2012/02/12 - 02:44

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