FAQ: What are you trying to sell on this site?

Q: What are you trying to sell on this site? A: At the moment, absolutely nothing!This site is meant to allow Muslims to share advice on investing in an Islamically Correct® way. We have some targeted advertising displayed on the site to help with the cost of hosting, disk space and bandwidth of this web site. We get paid a few cents when someone clicks on an advertisement that they find interesting. In all cases, the intent is that the basic investment information for the individual Muslims will always remain free!Q: But there is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch? Right? A: Not exactly. The rules are a bit different on the internet. There are indeed Free Lunches (and even dinners!) all over the internet.Think about the sheer amount of information and services that are available for free on the net, from web mail such as Hotmail and Yahoo Mail, News, Instant Messaging, stock quotes, Searching like Google, and much more.All these services are free, and are advertising supported.