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List of additions to the web site over the years, at a glance. This covers older posts. To see the latest additions, please use the recent posts links.7 December 2003 - Financial Times has an article on a study by the International Institute of Economics that Islam is not a barrier to economic development. This refutes a widely held belief in the West that Islam is the main reason behind the backwardness in Muslim majority third world countries. Details in our Research papers section.31 July 2003 - An article in the BBC News web site informs us that there is now a Sharia approved mortgage from HSBC in UK, as well as a Sharia approved stock brokerage service as well. Check the appropriate sections on mortgage and brokers.25 June 2002 - An article in the Arab News of Saudi Arabia on this web site. Check it in the Media Coverage section.22 February 2002 - Second International Islamic Banking and Finance Conference in Beirut Lebanon, 12-13 March 2002, Check our Events section for more details.19 February 2002 - Islamic Capital conference on 19 and 20 March 2002 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Check our Events section for more details.05 February 2002 - We have added tens of questions and answers in our Scholar Answers section by Sheikh Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo mainly from questions he received for the Dow Jones University Courses on Islamic Investement.21 January 2002 - We do not provide any financial assistance, scholarship grants, business loans, charity donations, business investment, venture capital of any kind. Please check the Frequently Asked Questions section for more details.31 December 2001 - An important conference in Dubai, March 2002, and call for papers. Check our Events section for more details.19 July 2001 - A new book on Islamic investing will be available in September 2001. For more information check our Books Section.9 July 2001 - Another article in our Media Coverage section, this one from the Toledo Blade, in Ohio, U.S.A.18 October 2000 - Yet another article in our Media Coverage section, this one from the Illinois based Daily Herald.9 September 2000 - More articles in our Media Coverage section.9 September 2000 - Our Insurance section has been updated to include some references on scholar opinions on the permissibility of Life and General Insurance.1 September 2000 - Finally, on 29 August 2000, the IslamiQStocks web site is officially launched! It provides Islamic stock screening so investors can check whether a company is Islamically acceptable for investing or not, and why is not acceptable?30 August 2000 - An article in Bloomberg News mentions the newly available Dow Jones Islamic Market Index Fund by Allied Asset Advisors and the upcoming Index Fund by Azzad Fund. For details, visit our Media Coverage section. 22 August 2000 - An article in Detroit News on Muslim Financial mentions this site (Muslim-Investor.com). A good article overall. For details, visit our Media Coverage section.15 August 2000 - Several new additions to the Venture Capital opportunities. If you are searching for direct investments in new ventures, then check these out. For details, visit our Venture Capital section.15 August 2000 - Allied Asset Advisors launched a new fund based on the Dow Jones Islamic Markets Index USA (DJIM-US). Check our Mutual Funds section for more details.15 August 2000 - A company called Arab-Etrade publishes books in Arabic to educate those who are more comfortable with this language on investing through the internet in teh world stock markets. Check our Tutorials section for more details.21 July 2000 - Hennepin county in Minnesota, USA has approved Interest Free Real Estate contracts for "Interest Averse Cultures". Check our Media Coverage section for more details on this. 22 June 2000 - The Online Islamic Banking Project seems to be alive again after some time of dormancy. They are running an Online Survey. They state that the responses to the survey are a useful indication of the level of serious interest in Islamic investment alternatives.16 June 2000 - IslamiQDaily has launched a new section for Arabic News also covering the Middle East. 16 June 2000 - Forbes has an article covering IslamiQ.com, and its CEO, Dr. Hasnita Hashim. Check our Media Coverage section.14 June 2000 - A startup in Michigan, Amana Bank, plans to offer Muslims an alternative to conventional mortgage, for buying houses. Check our Media Coverage section.13 June 2000 - Derived entirely from comments by visitors to this web site from around the world, we have a new section on What visitors say about this site. Thanks to everyone who wrote! Let us know how we can make this site better.12 June 2000 - New addition in the Venture Capital section.30 May 2000 - The Educational section has been updated to include SIBER.22 May 2000 - A new section on Educational Curricula available around the world offering degrees in Islamic Finance, Banking, Economics and Investment.19 May 2000 - Again, mainstream media mentions this site. This time it is the Wall Street Journal (paid registration required). They say: "That ... web site is excellent on general Islamic investing principles, but it is very U.S.-oriented on product facts." Check our Media Coverage section for links.10 May 2000 - This site, Muslim-Investor.com, is mentioned in a Newsweek article among sites that "...are also helping construct a community of Islamic investors." Check our Media Coverage section.8 May 2000 - New Scholar Answers to visitors questions. 6 May 2000 - New Venture Capital requests.3 May 2000 - Sample Screening of 25 NASDAQ Companies has been posted on the IslamiQStocks.com23 April 2000 - Takaful USA is hosting a conference on 26 and 27 of April that will be broadcast on the web. Visit their site to register. 23 April 2000 - We updated our Islamic Filtering section to include the Dow Jones Islamic Markets index selection process, and how you can use their list of component companies as a guide.20 April 2000 - IslamiQStocks announces its stock screening process is now available on their web site! Visit their web site for details, or check our writeup on what the Islamic Filtering process should do.19 April 2000 - In November 1999, the Jewish Week, a New York weekly magazine, published an article about Islamic Investment, featuring Sheikh Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo. With permission from both the author, Nancy Beiles, and the publisher, Ron Goldblum, we reproduce the article in its entirity (minor corrections to spelling). It serves the purpose of a related faith observing Muslims (and perhaps emulating them in the future!).18 April 2000 - Our Stocks section has been updated to include a newly announced service by DLJ Direct / eUnion to cover the Middle East and North Africa market (i.e. Arab-speaking region).17 April 2000 - Our Stocks section has been updated to include an Arabic web site dedicated to coverage of the Saudi Stock Market, with quotes and recommendation. 17 April 2000 - Our Media Coverage section has been updated to include a recent article in the New Jersey Star Ledge newspaper stating that: "Muslims looking for religious-based financial alternatives are starting to emerge as a serious and growing niche market " 16 April 2000 - Our Resources section has been subdivided into several sections for easy access. If you know of any resource that should be in there, please contact us.15 April 2000 - New conference, Islamic Banking & Finance America 2000 has been announced. Check our Events section for more details.11 April 2000 - Need this web site in Arabic? Well, you can try to do so using an automated free web service. Click on the appropriate link at the bottom of this page. It is not perfect however. Read our Frequently Asked Questions section for more details.10 April 2000 - New listing, a Tunisian Web startup in our Venture Capital opportunities section.10 April 2000 - Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo answers a question about mortgage. Read the details onour Scholar Answerssection.9 April 2000 - The Resources section has been updated to include a sub section listing various Islamic Search engines and Directories. This should prove useful to many of us.7 April 2000 - The Credit andDebit Cards section has been updated to include reference to a recentarticle on the subject on IslamiQDaily.com.1 April 2000 - Financial Times has an article covering islamiQ.com launch dated 27 March, by Jane Croft.29 March 2000 - More media coverage from Associated Press and Reuters on the launch of IslamiQ.com. More in the Media Coverage section.29 March 2000 - More media coverage (Associated Press) for the Dow Jones University"Principles of Islamic Investment" course. Check our Media Coveragesection for details.29 March 2000 - Started a separate section for Media Coverage.28 March 2000 - A friend from Arabia.com has kindly passed an article with a detailed press release on IslamiQ.com new plans. It mentions briefly how Islamic Investment is different from it sconventional counterpart, as well as plans to have an Initial Public Offer (IPO, "float" to those from the U.K.) on the NASDAQ or theLondon Stock Exchange, for IslamiQ.com. Definitely worth reading!27 March 2000 - Our eventssection has been updated to include a few upcoming conferences andcall for papers for others.26 March 2000 - Islamic Financial Data Services (IFDS) has changed their name to be IslamiQ.com, and launched several web sites:

  • IslamiQMoney an impressive site for any Muslim, with sections for Discussions, Ask the Scholars, Classifieds, Calculate your Zakah and more.
  • IslamiQdaily is a replacement for IFDS and aims to be an Islamic Finanical news service.
  • IslamiQStocks aims to "... become the premier 'one-stop-center' on the Internet for discerning Muslim equity investors." Target launch date is April 2000.

The parent company for all the above is IslamiQ.com, founded by Dr. Hasnita Hashim and Peter Farid Faisal, with offices in Malaysia and U.K.Our best wishes and congratulations to all who participated in this magnificienteffort. Looking forward to more of the same!25 March 2000 - Harvard University Forum On Islamic Finance (HIFIP) has issued a call for papers for its 30 Sep/1 Oct 2000 event. Deadlines for submission are: May 1 (paper topic and abstract), June 15 (draft of paper), and July 15 (final paper). The announcement is not yet on their web site (at the time of this writing), but you can e-mail them for more details.18 March 2000 - Al Ahram Newspaper, the leading daily in Egypt has an article on the Dow JonesUniversity online course for Islamic Investments. Check our Opportunity in numbers section for thelink.17 March 2000 - The mi-general Mailing list created two days ago has been completely deleted,and all the e-mail addresses on it erased. This was due to a few impolite people using bad language on the list, and over-reaction to this by others.15 March 2000 - MorningStar the Mutual Investment Research and News company has published an article on Islamic Investing, titled: Profiting According to the Words of the Prophet. Check the summary on our Strength in Numbers. Quite a favorable article from mainstream Wall Street. Awarness on the matter is spreading and organizations are more and more aware of the Muslim requirements for such products and services. We are getting there...In Shaa Allah.15 March 2000 - Greeting on the occasion of the Day of Arafa! To facilitate the exchange of information with fellow Muslims on investment matters, we have created a new mailing list just for that purpose! You can discuss anything, including Stock Screening, Stock tips, events and happenings and much more. 14 March 2000 - A new Islamic banking and Finance Book has been announced. Check the Resources section for details.13 March 2000 - The Tutorials section updated to include Investment Contests and Games.10 March 2000 - The Tutorials section updated to include the Dow Jones University course Principles of Islamic Investing.10 March 2000 - The Stocks section on Speculation has been updated with Dr. Saad Al-Harran's paper on the Islamic Stock Exchange. 10 March 2000 - The Resources section on Islamic-Finance.Net has been updated to mention their Mailing List.10 March 2000 - A new section for announcing Upcoming Events has been started to inform everyone about them.5 March 2000 - We have received a number of requests of Muslims requesting funding for startup projects. Therefore, we built our Venture Capital section.4 March 2000 - Some visitors to this site made some comments about our Be a Millionaire section. We have a detailed discussion on why this section was done in the first place, in our Wealth as a responsibility in Islam section.4 March 2000 - Content from Muslim Investor is being syndicated by other sites! One such site is Islam.org , also known as IslamiCity. They now have an IslamiCity Finance. They even have a separate domain name featuring content from our site! The new domain is IC Finance.3 March 2000 - The Be a Millionaire section has been finalized! Check if you can do it or not!3 March 2000 - Made the "What's New" a separate page, with a link from the main page and the side menu.3 March 2000 - There is a need for the individual Muslim Investor to do some research before he can decide whether a company is acceptable to invest in or not, and why is it not acceptable. To fill this need, there are Islamic Filter for selection of companies.2 March 2000 - So you want to start investing but you do not have the required 2,000$ for a stock brokerage or Mutual Fund account? What do you do? There is a way that will help you start investing even as low as 30$ a month!. The rewards for such a program are amazing compared to the small amount you invest each month. This is also a great way to teach your kids investment and stock market basics, and to save enough money for them to go to university. Read all about it in our Direct Investment section.2 March 2000 - We apologize for the problem where the site was not accessible for several hours late on 29 February 2000 and early 1 March 2000. The problem was a technical glitch (leap year 2000?) with our Domain Name Server provider. It is resolved now. Thank you for your patience. The Dow Jones University have issued a press release for the Principles of Islamic Investing. The course is taught by well known and respected scholars and experts in the Muslim Investment arena, namely, Justice Muhammad Taqi Usmani, Dr. Mohamed Elgari, Sh. Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo, and Rushdi Siddiqui. You can also view the course outline, and even take the Online Quiz. Do you have concerns about interest generated in your bank account? Are you a fund manager with cash balances generating interest? Please read our Purification and Charity section. We now have Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo answering questions on Islam's opinion in Finance, Banking and Investment matters. Check his credentials, view the answers to previous questions. The internet is a great technological enabler of global commerce. As Muslims, we can benefit from this. Here is a call for the formation of the Internet-Based Global Islamic Institutions. There are plenty of pitfalls to watch out for when selecting an Islamic institution to do business with! How do we pay charity (Zakat) on stocks? We have updated the Stocks section to include this information.