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Video game project : looking for an investor

Salam Alaykum,

I'm Dawud from France, I'm a young revert to Islam and I would like to get in touch with investors for my video game project.

This project is already started since 1 year, and I'm the technical and artist manager : my tasks are programming the game engine (which is used to display everything on screen) and modelling characters and monsters.

Looking for Investment in Used Tire Re-Cycling project

we are setting up a Tire recycling project in Bangladesh which highly returnable project . There is no source of natural rubber in Bangladesh , so recycle rubber is great demand here . We already have the necessary building and site for prject installation , If any investor interested then we can expand the project in more bigger scale . Opportunities invest amount sought around USD 400,000= . Appropriate satisfaction for ideal investment . Please contact us for further discussion - only genuine investor please .


Abdur Rahim

Option Call Writing

I write options on commodities/stocks, no haram companies.  If I own the underlying stock what is wrong with me writing calls against them to earn some extra profit? If the option buyer wants to excercise his right to buy the stock that is up to them and I am obligated to sell it.

Looking lenders finance islamic for SPA Resort in Italy New Contruction

The largest Spa Resort & Wellness industry ever developed in worldwide.
The project is majestic was born in distant 2005 by a team specialized a marketing and sales for over 15 years with a proven track record, who has been working in the wellness industry for the last 10 years.

akherat invesment

Salaamun alaikum, 

We was organizer of orphan, wish to invite investor which will inculcate the capital to open workshop and shop. we also wish to be receive your goods product, ad for clothes and food, so that we can sell return. thank and apologize. . Wassalam

About Tax Lien Certificates

I recently came across the investing method called Tax Lien
Certificates here in the US. This is a concept where counties sell
delinquent property taxes to investors in order to get the value of the
back taxes to pay for county services (such as paying for police, teachers, etc). When the property owner pays
their back taxes (with penalties), the investor gets their money plus

Seeking business Investor in media

Seeking business Investor in media

I need investor who invest your money in media (24 hr Hindi news channel) at India. If any person interested in invest your money in this type projects. Then send me your profile on my email. (Only financially sound person are invited).

Time wasters & scammers please excuse.


Social Investment

Salaamun alaikum.

Welcome Investor for Social Institution which ready fund with mutual profit cooperation for the area of Founding Gasoline,  agriculture. plantation. 

We hope any person or institution to be giving loan on long term, so that we utilize to buy farm, planting ranch and crop. Result of this business and effort later partly for returning loans and partly for operating expenseses. YM guslik9

Investment in Livestock rearing


 Asalamo alyekum

I am a muslim and a veterinarian from India. I  have some proposals for live stock rearing in India. The people who are in livestock bussiness are welcome for the contract livestock farming. I can rear the livestock here and supply.

Also looking to provide my skills who need my consultancy for livestock farming.

Climb-agency looking for a partner or investor

As-Salam-3alaykum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu

 Climb Agency is an agency of advice in advertising and marketing. Provided with a team with competences justified and solid,our philosophy is to create links commercial solid and lasting by tools of marketing strategy innovate outbraving any competition.By way of the multimedia tools and of communication the most advanced we engaged us to give the best results.

we are looking for a partner or investor so that we establish in Saudi arabia

you can visit our web site: