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Investing in Stocks, Options, and Futures in Islam

Hey readers =0) I tried posting the following message on, but kept getting an error message. So I figure that I might as well post it SOMEWHERE. Guess it would be okay for me to post it here in case someone is confused about the issue of halal/haram regarding stocks, options, and futures. Btw, interest bearing debt instruments like bonds are haram, and credit cards are a scam and haram as well - unless you pay them off in full every month. Regaring the ForEx, I'd say it COULD be haram (under certain conditions) because what I know about the foreign exchange is there's a lot of chart interpretation/speculation and huge leverage/margin from the broker involved in that market in order to guess Pip movement. Okay, on with the message:

Looking for a serious minded investor who to invest in a water well in Europe

I am looking for a parner-Investor from Arabian continent who would be willing to invest in a water well -gayser ( 200) meters underground , drinking water well that is ready to be cultivated bottled and marketed. I am looking for a venture capitalist that would be willing to invest ina water bottling facility . The gayser is located in Europe , I am the owner of it and am looking for serious partners only .


Salum wa allaikoum.


We, Bahia de Azua Ltd. are a real estate and construction company based in Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo Republic.

We are seeking investors that are eager to invest in building a 500 room world Class hotel, casino, golf course, marina, commercial, 350 luxury homes.

We own a prime land located in southern cost of Santo Domingo (Azua prefecture) which is appraised $125,000,000 and is owned free and Clear 100%.

Seeking for Investor for World's First Intranasal Vaccine Anti-Pneumonia for Sheep & Goat

Dear Sir,


With reference to the above matter, we are pleased to invite investors in our company.

Our major strength is through our product, which is an award-winning intranasal vaccine against Pneumonia Pasteurellosis for sheep and goats (small ruminants). It is the World’s first Intranasal Spray-based Anti-Pneumonia Vaccine for Sheep & Goats.

The potential market for the vaccine is huge, as evidenced by:

Investors needed for an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Pakistan

Hello Every body,

We need investors to invest in an ISP Project in Pakistan which will cover mainly three or four cities located in Punjab. Start will be made from Gurjat, Pakistan as a central network operations center and it will be connected with Jhelum, Gujranwala, Sialkot and Mirpur.

Those interested in this project may contact for further details at:


Vegetable oil plants

As per my knowledge and belief, vegetable oil business is a halal business venture; there is lots of scope in India at this time to do it.
I would request all brothers and sisters to send any information regarding the process of edible vegetable oil filtration and packing process.
I would be updating the information as and when I receive it from my sources,
We can check and recheck the information, and definitely would find the cheapest and the safest way to uplift our brothers and sisters in India

About Forex

Dear brothers and sisters,

assalamo alaykom wa rahmato allah,

I am so interested in forex exchange but unsure how to play it safe from islamic perpective. Could anyone summarize in practical terms how would I know if I am trading forex without violating Islamic law? and anyone knows any site or material that explains forex in simple terms,e.g: for people who never have done or studied business before.