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Auto Export Group welcomes you. We are specialized in disassembling of salvage cars into spare parts and their export from the US all over the world. Container capacity is anywhere from 8 to 14 disassembled cars depending on their size. We are committed to conducting business and establishing ongoing collaborations with companies interested in bulk purchases of automotive parts. More detailed info you can find on our website

Best car Exporter from USA

Baltic auto shipping is a wholesale dealer – shipping company which ships cars and other commodity everywhere. If you need to shipping cars or something else from USA to any destination, that’s mean this letter is for you. We are based in Garden City, GA which is Savannah , GA area.. We do have warehouses in SAVANNAH, GA , Chicago , IL , Elizabeth , NJ, Los Angeles , CA . We can provide access to any auction in USA where you could find any car you need for a price you want. We deliver your auto from original location (auction, parking, …) to one of our warehouses.

Shipping cars to Middle East !!!!

Marine Transport Logistics Inc (MTL) was founded in 1993 in New York, USA. MTL Incorporation is the licensed forwarding agent; primarily involved in carrying out activity in the market of transport services. MTL is committed various types of Ocean transportation services to any international destination to offer their valuable clients. Conveniently located at the heart of East Coast port system – Bayonne NJ, MTL occupies over 6 acres of land and professional Loading dock with 10 platforms. The company uses newest logistics software and is operated by over 45 employees.

The Perfect Job...

Salam aleykum to all,

there are 4 types to earn money:

1. what 95% of people do: being an employee, a lot of people do not like it, but accept it, you have a boss and work for him "9-5"...looking forward to get retired...

2. having your own business, like a clinic or a company. Drawback: the more clients you have, the more you work.