No More looking for business coz mostly people in here r fakes


Wed, 2009/02/25 - 09:00

I am planning to visit Malaysia and can invest in your project, before this I am have to look your project.

fazal abbas
cell 92300-9267056

Fri, 2009/10/23 - 18:19

Assalamualaikum Fazal...

Asalamualaikum Iskandar..
Im truly sorry for the late reply to your email to me from the Muslim I am interested for your keen towards the agriculture business as an investor. I’m currently in doing in Halal Agriculture project with the Ministry of Agriculture in Malaysia. If there’s any questions regarding in all aspects in agriculture, I will certainly do my best to help by knowledge to expand Islam way of agriculture in business, in religion and that will benefit for all other Islamic countries.
Please call me by this number at +60176288829 or yourself can keep in touch with me through this email

Mohamad Sazman Mohamad Nor

Thu, 2010/09/02 - 09:47

Dear my brothers
I have a dairy farm with about 1000 cow in Iran and i want to investment and move to Malaysia,so please tell me how can i do it and the Malaysia government how help me?(land or bank loan).

Best Regards

Email :,

Sun, 2009/03/15 - 10:25


I have interest to invest for live stock projects. Kindly sendly me detail about this project.

Wed, 2009/04/15 - 00:19

Asalam o Alakum Brother Sazman,

I would like to know more details about your project. I have a dairy farm in Pakistan and I would like to take my investment into dairy or cattle far in Malaysia.

Please provide the necessary details.

Best Regards:

Thu, 2009/06/04 - 05:05

Dear Sirs

Indonesia good location and big market for live stock project.

If you are interest to make investment in Indonesia then we can make JV.

If you interest please email

Kind regards

Tue, 2010/09/21 - 12:28

I have interest in developing opportunities for livestock ventures with Indonesian partners. email me details on



Muslim brother here from across the causeway, i am very keen in your idea and expansion,
Are you still looking for an investor. If yes please do give me a call or an email and we can have a discussion which could benefit us both. Hope i get you reply.

Many Thanks

TEL: +65 91886807

Thu, 2010/09/02 - 13:21

Bismillahir-Rahmanir- Raheem.

AsSalaam Ailekum!

"O you who believe! Spend (benevolently) of the good things that you earn or what we have brought forth for you out of the earth and do not aim at what is bad that you may spend(in alms) of it, while you would not lake it yourself unless you have it price lowered and know that Allah is self Sufficient. Praiseworthy Quran 2:267.

Greetings to you in the name of Almighty Allah. This mail may come to you surprisingly because We have not had any correspondent before,butI believe that it is the will of Almighty Allah to send this letter of request to you.

We the entire members of Alwajud Charity Organisation kindly seek your assistance financially, maetrially and otheriwise in building a Mosque,Quranic school where believers will be trained,built to be good and sucessful followers of Allah and a charitable home whereby to assist the needy,motherless and fatherless children,widows and the unprivileged people in our society as instructed by prophet Mohammed (SAW).

"O you who believe! do not make your charity worthless by injury and reproach like him who spends his prosperity to be seen of men and does not believe Allah and the last day;so his parable is as the parable of a smooth rock with earth upon it, then a heavy rain falls upon it, so it leaves it bare; they shall not be ab;e to gain anything of what they have earned and Allah does not guide the unbelieving people"Quran

You have been call upon to see this project as your personal commitment. The building project has reach a linted stage some months ago, but further progress has been hampered by shortage of funds. The longer we wait the more costly the project is likely to become. Were calling on you to help us
financially and other wise.

"Allah does not bless usury and he causes the charitable deeds to prosper and Allah does not love ungrateful sinner.Surely they who believe and do good deeds and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate they shall have thier reward from their Lord and they shall have no fear, not shall they grieve" Quran 2:276-277.

These are the reaon this letter is being written and send to you and we pray that the Almighty Allah in his infinite mercies, who has promised to reward any one who contributes, however small, to the success of this project meet all your needs and grant you your heart desires (Amin).

I will be looking forward and waiting for your kindest reply of our request and having believed and known well that they will be granted

Yours Sincerely,
Aminat Ali.

Fri, 2010/11/26 - 15:34

we have big real state investment project, aquaculture project any one interested in investing in Maldives please contact me