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I am a trader and wish to invite you to organize a network of traders for exchange of our profitable strategies and sharing information and knowledge. Let's communicate with each other for getting profits. I have a profitable strategy and You have a profitable strategy too. So we can be good partners and that will be profitable for all of us.

Investment Required - FX Brokerage Firm - Dubai

Hello Sir / Madam,


We are running a forex fund management business which is a UK registered company since 2003. We are now looking forward to upgrade our business to Spot Forex Brokerage Firm.

Currently we are operating through our offices in London and Scotland. However, we are planning to open our main branch in UAE (Dubai).

Any rich angel investor or wealthy business peoples here for giving me £ 2,500 donation/investment loan

Its my request to all site members please give me financially support by your contribution or individually.Due to loss in stocks my assets are finished thats why from very far i come here. Im depressed and upset by my all financial problems now i have to clear my debt and open new shop. I always pray to god for your long life. Plz for godsake help me. You also send money to me via paypal to my paypal email account. As a donation loan or investment loan give me.

Help needed

A'udo bi Allah Al 'Ali Al 'Adim min ashaïtan arrajim
Bismi Allah Al Rahman Al Rahim
As Salam alaykom Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I need your help, please contact me to get details in a word doc attached I'd send to your @-mail adress.
Allah bless you.

Message from kyrgyzstan

Assalamualeykum wa rahmatULLAhi wa barakatuhu,
my name is Mederbek I am 24 years old enterpreneur from Kyrgyzstan, small Central asian republic with muslim society but non islamic -country,

I know a lot of practising muslims here in Kyrgyzstan and in ex-USSR countries who want to start their own business, in islamic correctly ways, but they have no choise to find loans or venture capitals because in our countries we have no any sahri'a based financial institutes, and should turn to standard banks and other riba -based financial organizations,..

Will I ever get to buy a house?

Selam alekum,

My husband and I have been living in the States for over 10 years. For a long time, we have wanted to buy a house but we didn't want to start our lives with a wrongful act (interest loans). But now, paying high rent and putting only some aside, it feels like only at deathbed we'll be able to own a home. We have asked different local imams about buying a house on interest and we got different views. So, I was wondering....