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Looking for Funding for a Major Tunnel Building Project in USA

Our Group is currently pursuing bid for the building of the DC WASA Blue Plains Tunnel Project. The project is estimated at $300,000,000.00. We are trying to find initial funding in the amount of $20,000,000.00 for the start of the project. It will be constructed in phases. The portion we are currently trying to bid is Phase 2. We will also pursue Phases 3 & 4 as they come up for bid. Below is a description of the project.

Miles of new tunnels to clean
up Washington DC waterways

Fig 1. Anacostia River Projects

invest in iran

dear sir or madam

We are an Iranian company in Tehran bazaar , processing all kind of nuts such as pistachio , water melon seed , pumpkin seed , sun flower seed ,pea nuts , almond , walnut

We can so supply nuts in shell , roasted , kernel , raw, dried, in each packing sample .

Our other goods are , raisin , peeled apricot, dates , fig ,
we are looking for a good investor .

Single Super Phosphate Fertilizer Plant

We are looking for a joint venture for the setting up of an Single Super Phosphate Fertilizer plant (SSP + Sulfuric acid)
We will be selling both sulfuric acid and ssp fertilizer to the local and international market.
Ownership of upto 50% is available.
The amount of investment required is $10 Million.
We have land (150 acres) along with all the utilities available.

interesting realty project in central europe, read more dear investors

Hello, i am project manager with experience and i am looking for serious private investor for my profitable real estate project in prague. on 2700 m2 piece of land there will be 80 flats, it is 5 minutes from centre in very attracitve locality and my study is in accordance to municiapl plan of course. Although today crisis/recession this locality is worth to invest. Economic return is in 3 years, we may never guarantee the profit, but i may say that 85% brutto is very possible. My study, analyses, business and marketing strategy as well as calulation is at your disposal.

يفتش المقرضين منتجع السعودية في المشروع إيطاليا "المعرضة للخطر"

نحن نبحث عن مستثمرين أو شركاء من الشرق الأوسط
وهو يقع في إيطاليا قلب تلال توسكانا لوستيجنانو ميتاليفيري تقع بالقرب من بوراسيفير سوفيون لارديريلو جيوثيرميكال استثنائية
الأراضي لثروة العالم السفلي، حيث سبق عصر حجري قديم، fumaroles، لاجوني، سوفيون، مصدر المياه الساخنة والغازات والأبخرة معروفة. أعطت هذه المواد المنصهرة قيدوا في المراحل المتأخرة من أوروجينيسي جبال الألب، مكان النشاط البركاني السطحية إلى الابتدائي والثانوي. الظواهر توحي بنسب وربما إلى ألوهية تحت الأرض الذين بعد ذلك غالباً استخدم اتروسك والرومان للعلاجات الحرارية

Looking for Investor

Jakarta on february 12,2010

Dear Sir/Madam,

Name personal : Charles Ramond Sudewo
My Company : KOBAR SALVAGE Contractor & Supply
MANPOWER / Outsourche Crewing
Effort : Iron Scraft and work Underwater
(Salvage)Piping,H_Beam,WF,Canal Iron,
BuildBridge make the structure Contruction


My name is Anibal de Oliveira, and i need to get 1 million to start my business.
I want to start a bowling center in the Azores (Portugal), and i already made the business plan for the investment.
For this amount, the expected R.O.I is 4 years, and if you wish, i can send you fully details of the project.

Asset & Portfolios Management 15% To 40% Per Month Retrun.

We are a Forex Trading Company, with an impeccable track record in our managed account section. i have 8 years experience in the field, and earns his customers an average of 15% and 40% profit PER MONTH consistently, month after month.*

1 ) Risk Manage Account

minimum account size : $5000
per month return : 15% to 40%+
risk factor : 25%
manage fee : 25%


We are looking for a partner, ready for investing, for a better performance with our banks.
The Business numbers are:
We contribute with $1.800.000 (Bank Leasing to 10 years).
You contribute with $ 1.000.000 (Operations & work capital).
New Company: $2.800.000.
You take the 55% of business property & Actual owner 45% business property.
Annual Sales: Over $4.000.000. profit >25%.