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Investor for Pharma company

We are interested to start a new Bulk Drugs (API) pharmaceuticals company in INDIA, I have complete knowledge of 22+ years, to meet with USFDA, MHRA, WHO-GMP approved certifications. We have all the Technology for products & market for sale the products.

We are waiting for your early reply.

With Regards


Lunching International Muslim Brand

We are two muslims friend living in France (an engineer and a shopkeeper)
We have a big project for creating a brand for clothing, shoes.
Our objectif is to mix western and islamic culture to create trand.

We need a muslim investor as a partner to finalize our project.

For any question please contact me.

Seeking investment capital or partnership for a successful product in the USA.

We are currently in a business of selling a very successful gourmet hot sauce in the Twin Cities, Minnesota (USA). It is currently selling very fast in over 70 stores including supermarkets. We are seeking $2,000,000 for a rapid expansion in thousands of stores all over USA and InshaAllah eventually worldwide.

The CENTER FOR SAPROPEL are looking for partners and investors in the high profitable business on sapropel in Tyumen region, Russia

We invite investors and partners in the opening of the high-yield production business in Russia, Tyumen region (20 km from Tyumen). Business is based on release of products from raw wetland and lake deposits of peat and sapropel.
For business development:
• explored deposits of raw materials,
• prepared production base,
• a staff of employees,

Investors seeking projects and proporsals

I'm an Investors from UK and looking for good business proposals and partners for a joint business venture.please if interested do send me the following.
Complete Project Details
Location (exact address, land area/zoning, country etc.)
Description (concept, profit centers, etc.)
Type (project finance, refinancing or acquisition finance)
Total Project Cost

I am looking for,financial, investor, partner in turkey

I am looking for, financial, investor, and partner in turkey Business
Region: Turkey Istanbul
Description: Equal opportunity worldwide
we are looking for financial, investor, business partner in TURKEY
Establish new company Structural steel fabrication Steel construction industry serving worldwide project

Looking for a partner & inverstor to establish hotel in Uzbekistan

Rich historical and cultural background of Uzbekistan has always drawn significant number of tourists to Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent. By benefiting such national heritage, the long-term goal of UzbekTraveller (the Company) is to become the best choice hotel and service provider for tourists visiting Uzbekistan by creating a differentiated experience, capitalizing on personalized customer service, using modern facilities with traditional design elements, and unique location in the most attractive cities like Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara.

Investor required

I work as a private stock market consultant since 2006 through my website and have investment experience of over 22 years. I am known figure in Pakistan stock market due to stock investment consulting business. I intend to form an Shariah compliant investment company in Pakistan. Contact me for more specific details.

Investor/Partner required for experienced professional trading team to expand business 30%+ ROI plus profit share

Experienced trading team seek capital partner for expansion of profitable and proven private trading business.

All investment held in partners own name with limited power of attorney to transact multiple currency transactions per day with no ability to transfer funds away from account holder.

looking for partner


I want to make a pharmaceutical Company in Saudi and I am looking for a partner who can help me with experience to set up this business.

please if you are interested

contact me :


We are looking for partners and investors. We have the technology sapropelic capsule soil forming for desert, contaminated and depleted lands.

The CENTER FOR SAPROPEL offers capsule technology of soil formation from sapropel in the desert, contaminated and depleted lands(PLACE).
The project consists of four stages and provides a long-term program to create fertile soil layer adapted to the geomorphological and climatic characteristics of the region.
The first stage:

Looking for an investor in a Personalised gift engraving business in UK

Looking for an investor and/or business partner. This is a vast and growing market in the UK. We would like to accomodate specifically muslim buyers looking for personalised gifts on occasions which meet their direct need.
email me on: mato131@gmail.com if interested, thanks

Investment in Sri Lanka

We have various projects in Sri Lanka. We Need investors who can invest minimum 5mn US$. Real estate, Agriculture, Poultry, Dairy, Export oriented projects are available.Interested parties may contact through alirishad_almashoor@yahoo.com

our module promises of high returns on investment and steady long term growth

we are a crystal manufacturing company started with just 2 people now Allhamdullilah we are with a staff of 25. we are young qualified team ,along with this we have highly skilled experienced craftsmen, we are a dedicated and passionate team, our specialisation is we craft crystals to your imagination,

need investor or silent investor

dear sir/mam,
i am M.A Khan,I run Diapers business in India. We are a leading supplier of baby diaper in India. We are currently supplying to many clients in India and abroad including the Government of India projects across India. Our products are high quality with very reasonable price.


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