Does anyone have Islamically based personal financial planning resources? 

Who is teaching North American Muslims,especially the children and youth, the basics of financial planning according to Islam, that precede investing? 

Where do we go for such resources?




Recommended Percentages for Budget Categories:

Charitable Gifts = 10 - 15%
Savings = 5 - 10%
Housing = 25 - 35%
Utilities = 5 - 10%
Food = 5 - 15%
Transportation = 10 - 15%
Clothing = 2 - 7%
Medical/Health = 5 - 10%
Personal = 5 - 10%
Recreation = 5 - 10%
Debts = 5 - 10%

Financial Peace Worksheet 6
"Financial Peace", page 249

* * *

Monthly Cash Flow Planning/Budget Form

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Islamic Perspective on Economics and Money

Family Finances Section (at bottom of page)

A 6-Step Guide to Making Your [Islamic]Will

Latest Edition of Will and Testament for Muslims in North America
Living Trust Documents for Muslims in North Americans

Wed, 2007/08/08 - 22:40

Debt-Proof Living
formerly Cheapskate Monthly

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Food for Thought:

"Americans saving less than nothing - "

In November [2005] the savings rate was a negative 0.2 percent.

"Savings is the absence of consumption,'' he said.

- Sunday, January 8, 2006
Tom Abate, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer

Food for Thought:

"We live in one of the richest countries [USA] in the world, and yet the average family does not have over $1,000 in the bank. The actual statistics are that the typical American saves 4.7% of his/her income, while the typical Japanese saves 18.1%."

- "Savings by Nation," Wall Street Journal statistics
as quoted in the book, "Financial Peace", by Dave Ramsey (1997), page 107

* * * * * * *

"Comparison of American and Japanese Consumption and Savings"
(Kyle Mudry's Entry For The 2004 Moffatt Prize in Economics)

Fiqh Al Zakah (translation): Vol. 1 - Vol. 2

The Calculation of Zakah for Muslims in North America

Af-flu-en-za n. 1. The bloated, sluggish and unfulfilled feeling that results from efforts to keep up with the Joneses. 2. An epidemic of stress, overwork, waste and indebtedness caused by dogged pursuit of the American Dream. 3. An unsustainable addiction to economic growth. 4. A television program that could change your life.

* * * * * * *

"Never before have our emerging environmental crises been laid out so clearly before us. Rather than shouting from the fringes, respected economists, scientists, and politicians are sounding the warnings in high-profile journals and the halls of government -- warnings that our oceans are dying, that the ice shelves are melting, and that we are setting ourselves up for the most massive and devastating market failure humanity has ever seen.

So we recycle our garbage. We vote greener. We buy sleek, new hybrid cars and fill our houses with energy-efficient light bulbs. And we put our money and faith in the brave and ingenious technologies that will rescue us from the whirlwind.

But it won't be enough. Because this is not, fundamentally, a technological problem. Nor is it, fundamentally, a political problem. This is a problem of appetites, and of narcissism, and of self-deceit. The planet is breaking, and it is breaking under the weight of our hunger for more. To reform the world, we must first reform ourselves."

America's Cheapest Family Lives Debt Free
The Economides Wrote the Book on Debt-Free Living

The Economides family are aptly named -- the family of seven lives a comfortable lifestyle on $35,000 a year, without credit. They've written a New York Times best-selling book called "America's Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money." (The Economides)

* * *

America's Cheapest Family of 7 Lives on < $35K/Year with NO DEBT!

* * *

America's Cheapest Family and The HomeEconomiser Newsletter are dedicated to encouraging you to find creative ways to live within your means, avoid debt with a smile, and achieve goals you never dreamed possible.

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Muslim Women Leaders

Forbes Top Muslim Woman of Power 2007

Dr. Naher Taher (Saudi Arabian Female Economist)

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Dear Brothers & Sisters

Assalam o alaikkum.

I am Ahamed from India..I am seriously looking some interest free loan? Can any one tell me where i can get the interest free loans? either from banks / organisations / persons?? Please.


Sun, 2009/01/11 - 08:19

Hello I am a revert to islam. I am farely knowledgable about islam and it's teachings but am by no means an expert. I feel that I am burried by debt and would like to learn how to make appropriate lifestyle, spending, and budgeting changes in my life. I would appreciate any info that you could give me that would help in this cause (budgeting worksheets, advise, etc.

Sun, 2009/12/06 - 15:51


A good place to learn the basics of personal finance (budgeting, dumping debt, emergency savings) is with Dave Ramsey >

Another excellent source is reading Dr. Thomas J. Stanley's books, .

And for Islamic investing, read the resources on this site.

- Ayesha

Mon, 2009/12/07 - 05:56

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Sat, 2010/05/15 - 11:28


Years ago, after learning FPU principles and reading "The Millionaire Next Door", I have always been curious about the net worth of others.

And today, I was reading an interesting article on "Comparing net worth has become an obsession for people like Joey Kincer" by "Telling the world how much you're worth":

What is your NetworthIQ?:

Mon, 2013/01/07 - 06:51


We are a UAE based private consultants to investment companies, working on expanding our
international portfolio globally and financing projects. We would be happy
to receive an NDA if you have any viable project we can finance and partner
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We grant our funding at a guaranteed 4% ROI per annum for projects 6 years
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On receipt of the business plan by me and the CFO, we shall review and if
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The borrower is required to work through a UK-based financial broker
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Allah Blessings.
Ahmed Hakim

E mail:
A & H Investment LLC
Skyp : amed.hakim2012


Mon, 2013/03/25 - 00:17

Dear Ahmed Hakim

Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahamatullahi Barakatahu.

Please let me know whether you provide finance (loan) to "SMALL BUSINESS". We have a small business of distributing Unani Products. Response for the products is pretty good. Unfortunately we don't have enough stock, pertaining to the demands, hence we are looking for Micro-Finance Providers.

Mohmedrafi Sayyad (India)